ThermoblocksBlock Heaters, analogue and digital, SBH series
9.852 300 LLG WWW-Catalog

9.852 300

Block Heaters, analogue and digital, SBH series

  • choice of either analogue or digital models
  • digital models available with either 130 or 200 °C maximum temperature
  • three block model for extra capacity
  • dual control models have two blocks with independent temperature control
  • uniform and stable block temperatures
Designed for the precise heating of test-tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes and microplates.
Range compromises an economical analogue model with easy to use, dial setting and advanced digital models with bright, easy to read, LED display which facilitates setting of the required temperature and also accurate monitoring of the actual temperature.
Excellent temperature stability and uniformity is maintained via sensitive, microprocessor control.
Heats to 100°C in <12 mins.
Supplied complete with block extraction tool but without aluminium blocks which must be ordered separately.
With BioCote, silver-based, antimicrobial protection.
TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
SBH130Block heater, 2 block, analogue, 130°C19.852 300
SBH130DBlock heater, 2 block, digital, 130°C19.852 301
SBH200DBlock heater, 2 block, digital, 200°C19.852 302
SBH130D/3Block heater, 3 block, digital, 130°C17.624 685
SBH200D/3Block heater, 3 block, digital, 200°C19.852 303
SBH130DCBlock heater, 2 block, digital, dual control, 130°C16.207 050
SBH200DCBlock heater, 2 block, digital, dual control, 200°C19.852 315
SBH/2Safety cover for 2 block model16.226 686
SBH/3Safety cover for 3 block model17.624 686

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