for standard analysisbehrotest ® column elution unit for the elution of soil samples
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9.843 741

behrotest ® column elution unit for the elution of soil samples

Column elution unit:
Column elution unit in acc. with the LUA recommendation with 4-channel hose pump with controllable speed. The unit consists of :
  • Assembly stand for the system
  • Controllable 4-channel hose pump with fixed speed
  • Storage vessel, 20 l
  • 4 elution columns, internal diameter 6 cm, 32 cm long, with 2 screwed joints (GL 45, with PTFE inserts) for simple filling of the columns
  • 4 collection bottles for the column eluate, 2 l, with screwed joint (GL 45) and deaeration
  • Supply tube made of TYGON and PVC, with non-return valve in the supply to the column
  • PTFE tubes between columns and collection vessels
  • Flow rate 0.003 to 35 ml/min
  • Range of speed 2 to 100 min-1
  • Simultaneous control of all 4 channels

behrotest® silica sand:
for column elution unit, grain size 1 to 2 mm in acc. with DIN V 19736, 1000 g bottle

behrotest® silica wool:
for column elution unit, 100 g bag
TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
SEB 32 RColumn elution unit B19.843 741
QS-SEBSilica sand for column elution unit19.843 744
QW-SEBFibreglass for column elution unit19.843 745
GS 950Glass column 60mm x 320mm19.843 925

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