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9.001 349 LLG WWW-Catalog

9.001 349

Solvent pump hand operated

  • For contamination-free, dispensing of organic solvents and flavouring agents.
  • Suitable for all commercially available, stainless steel drums up to 60L with R2'' fine thread necks, hand pump for tinplate canisters incl. adapter for pull-out spouts (immersion depth 600mm - fully adjustable).
  • Gas-tight pump can be completely completely sealable with two ball valves.
  • Medium-contacting parts are made of stainless steel with PTFE-seals.
  • Supplied with gas tight, R2" steel barrel external thread connection.
  • Electrostatic charge can be dissipated through the accessory antistatic set (please order separately).
PKCat. No.
Hand pump60019.001 349
Hand pump for tinplate canisters60016.237 176
Hand pump ball for solvent pump 16.236 900

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