6.235 557

6.235 557

Accessories for precision and bench scales

 DescriptionFor TypePKCat. No.
Rechargeable battery pack, internal for precision and bench scalesPCB, ECB, ECE, ECE, FKB-A16.235 557
 External universal mains adapter, with universal input and optional input socket adapters for CH, EU, GB, USAECB, ECE, EW-N/EG-N, EMB, EMS, EOE, FCB, FKB-A, PCB16.270 080
 Rechargeable battery pack, externalCDS, CKE, ECB, ECE, FKB, FKT, 572, 573, KB, PKP, PKS, PKT, DS, IKT16.700 423

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