BurettesBurettes, with straight stopcock, DURAN®, class AS
9.270 163

9.270 163

Burettes, with straight stopcock, DURAN®, class AS

Schellbach line for easier reading, declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600, with dated batch identification, high-contrast blue graduations, main point ring graduation at major subdivisions, EX (TD) calibrated, acc. to DIN EN ISO 385. Scale length approx. 500mm.
For those products batch calibration reports, which are free of charge, can be generated and printed on www.hirschmannlab.de. Additional single calibration reports or DAkkS certificates (former DKD calibration reports) are available.
± ml
Stopcock withPKCat. No.
100.020.02Glass key19.270 161
250.050.03Glass key19.270 162
500.10.05Glass key19.270 163
100.020.02PTFE spindle19.270 164
250.050.03PTFE spindle19.270 165
500.10.05PTFE spindle19.270 166
100.020.02PTFE key19.270 167
250.050.03PTFE key19.270 168
500.10.05PTFE key19.270 169

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