9.005 009

9.005 009

Eye-Wash Bottle, Barikos

Barikos KS
Barikos KS and Mini Barikos KS are maintenance-free models of eye wash bottles. Containing water, they can be kept ready for use for at least two years in the sealed state. Both models are ideal for including within first aid boxes and sets. All above mentioned Barikos eyewash bottles comply with EN 15154-4. A protective cover clips onto the spray head of the eye wash bottle thus preventing any leakage. The tamper-evident seal guarantees proper function. All bottles with sliding valve are suitable for use with upright and with the downward spray head.
DescriptionPKCat. No.
Barikos KS, 620ml, filled19.005 009
Mini Barikos KS, 175ml, filled19.005 008

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