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9.829 245

9.829 245

Pump drive Hei-FLOW Precision 06

Dosing and Feeding pumps for reproducible results. Flow characteristics in combination with various tubing diameters are pre-programmed for accurate flow rate numbers. With freely selectable process parameters.
  • Speed, direction of rotation and on / off function is controllable with an analog interface or digital with built-in RS232 interface
  • Pre-programmed flow characteristics are shown in the display
  • Digital read-out of Speed, Tubing diameter, Flow rate, Dosing volume, Interval dosing, Pause function
  • With buttons for selecting all process parameters
  • Easy calibration of flow volume and flow rate
  • Smooth start operation prevents from spills and splashing media
  • A press of the max button accelerates the filling and draining of the tubing
  • For safety in unattended continuous operation, the motor will be switched off in case of an overload situation to prevent overheating
  • Optional footswitch to operate pump drive in closed fume hoods and to facilitate filling operations
  • Pump heads with convex rollers for cell protection are available for use in cell biology

The pump head is not included. Please order separately.
Control accuracy motor:± 0.5 %
Motor power:100 W
Volume dosing:0.001 ... 9999 ml
Interval dosing:0.001 ... 9999 ml in breaks 0.1 s ... 750 h
Permissible ambient conditions:5 ... 31 °C
Permissible rel. humidity:80 %
Dimensions (W x D x H):166 x 256 x 225 mm
Protection class DIN EN 60529:IP 55
This pump drive is only suitable for use with single-channel pump heads.
 TypeSpeed range
PKCat. No.
Hei-FLOW Precision 0624 ... 6002.0 ... 405619.829 245

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