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6.251 451

Shaking Incubators ES-20 / ES-80

Stable and reliable orbital shaker-incubator for vigorous or even mixing and incubation of samples in a variety of flasks and vessels. For Life Sciences, suitable for growing cell cultures in flasks, extracting tissue samples at physiological, temperatures, and sample preparation processes, mixing of biological liquids as well as the incubation and cultivation of biological liquids, growing e-coli, bioluminescence preparation.
  • Variable speed: 50 to 250rpm
  • Digital control of time, temperature and shaking speed for accuracy and repeatability
  • Display 2-line 16 character LCD
  • Interchangeable platforms for shaking/incubating different vessels (please order separately)
TypeLoad capacity
Min. rotation
Cat. No.
ES-202.55016.251 451
ES-808.05019.721 056

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