Micro TubesMicro tubes, PP, with attached screw cap, PP, with silicone seal
Micro tubes, PP, with attached screw cap, PP, with silicone seal LLG WWW-Catalog

Micro tubes, PP, with attached screw cap, PP, with silicone seal

Micro tubes, PP, with attached screw cap, PP, with silicone seal

Screw cap micro tubes are ideal for storage of serums and blood samples, and for boiling, centrifugation, etc.

Quality features:
  • Available in different formats, designs and quality grades.
  • Micro tubes of PP and screw caps of PE or PP are precisely matched to ensure a secure seal. Available screw caps: screw cap with sealing cone, screw cap with silicone seal or tamper-evident screw cap with silicone seal.
  • Cap inserts for coding, available in a variety of colors.
  • Fast opening and closing with 1¼ turn of cap.
  • Micro tubes with ring stands (self-standing) can be placed in suitable racks without the use of both hands.
  • Micro tubes without ring stand (round bottom) withstands RCF up to 17 000 g at 20 °C, for 20 min.
  • Dimensions: outer Ø 11 mm, height 47 mm.
PP, graduated, screw cap PP. Frosted marking area. Operating range: -196 °C to +121 °C. Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285. Available separately: colored cap inserts (PP) for identification.
PKCat. No.
self-standing0.5* 10006.802 474
self-standing1.51.0010007.070 048
round-bottom1.51.0010007.076 849
self-standing2.01.2010007.300 124
round-bottom2.01.4010007.300 580

PKCat. No.
self-standing0.510006.701 485
self-standing1.510007.079 677
round-bottom1.510007.300 156
self-standing2.010007.300 197
round-bottom2.010007.510 076

WithLidPKCat. No.
sterile0.5*self-standingtransparent5009.284 164
sterile1.5self-standingtransparent5006.251 643
sterile1.5round bottomtransparent5006.251 644
sterile2.0self-standingtransparent5009.284 165
sterile2.0round bottomtransparent5009.284 166
non-sterile0.5*self-standing-10009.284 167
non-sterile1.5self-standing-10009.284 168
non-sterile1.5round bottom-10009.284 169
non-sterile2.0self-standing-10006.251 980
non-sterile2.0round bottom-10009.284 170
sterile**0.5*self-standingtransparent5006.401 078
sterile**1.5self-standingtransparent5004.000 236
sterile**1.5round-bottomtransparent5007.300 006
sterile**2.0self-standingtransparent5007.602 492
sterile**2.0round-bottomtransparent5007.612 290
non-sterile**0.5*self-standing-10004.000 234
non-sterile**1.5self-standing-10006.801 871
non-sterile**1.5round-bottom-10006.802 032
non-sterile**2.0self-standing-10006.401 135
non-sterile**2.0round-bottom-10006.401 081

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