Accessories for dosing dispenser 
Accessories for infusion pump, Original-Perfusor® 
Askina® Brauncel® cellulose absorbent pads 
Blood lancets Solofix®, sterile 
Care Lotion Trixo® with Collagen 
Cellulose wadding 
Combi stopper Closing Cones, PE 
Combifix® Adapter 
Disinfectant foam Meliseptol® foam pure 
Disinfectant for temperature-sensitive materials, Helipur® H plus N 
Dispensing pump - multipurpose 
Disposable Gloves Vasco® Guard long, nitrile 
Disposable Gloves Vasco® Nitril white, Powder-Free 
Disposable Gloves Vasco® Nitrile light, Powder-Free 
Disposable Gloves Vasco® OP Sensitive, Latex, Powder-Free 
Disposable Gloves Vasco® Sensitive, Latex, Powder-Free 
Disposable Gloves, Manufix® Sensitive 
Disposable Gloves, Vasco® Basic, Latex 
Disposable Gloves, Vasco®, Latex, Powdered 
Disposable Gloves, Vasco® Guard, Nitrile 
Disposable needles Sterican® for neural therapy 
Disposable needles Sterican®, chromium-nickel steel, for dental anaesthesia 
Disposable needles Sterican®, chromium-nickel steel, for gentle insulin injection 
Disposable needles Sterican®, PP/Stainless steel 
Disposable surgical gloves 
Disposable Syringes Injekt® Solo, 2-piece 
Disposable Syringes Omnican®, Insulin 
Disposable Syringes Omnifix® Solo, 3-piece 
Dosing dispenser, frame aluminium 
Fine dosage syringes Injekt®-F, 2-piece 
Fine dosage syringes Omnifix®-F, 3-piece 
Gauze compresses Askina® 
Hand Disinfectant Softa-Man® 
Hand Disinfectant Softasept N® 
HBV Tissues Meliseptol® 
Helimatic® Rinse, neutral 
Instrument disinfectant and cleaner, Helipur® 
Irrigation solution Ecotainer® 
Lifosan® soft wash lotion 
Meliseptol® rapid, fast acting spray disinfectant 
Needles and waste containers Medibox® 
Needles and waste containers Medibox® 
Omnifix® raw and blister syringes with catheter tip 
Pump dispenser with reflux valve 
Scalpels, disposable Cutfix® 
Single-use hypodermic needles, Sterican® 
Single-Use Needles Sterican® , chromium-nickel steel, for special applications 
Spray disinfectant Meliseptol® 
Surface disinfection Melsept® SF