Accessories for BactoSonic® 14.2 
Accessories for SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers HD 2200, glass 
Accessories for Sonorex Technik ultrasonic baths 
Accessories for ultrasonic device SONOCOOL® 255 
Booster horns and stepped horns for SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers, TiAl6V4 
Concentrates for ultrasonic baths STAMMOPUR 
Concentrates for ultrasonic baths TICKOPUR 
Cup booster BR 30 for Ultrasonic homogenisers SONOPULS 
Flask Clips for Sonorex insert baskets 
Flow-through cell for SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers, stainless steel 
Flow-through standard horn for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers 
Handle adjusters, GV 3 and GV 10, for Sonorex insert baskets 
Insert tubs for Sonorex ultrasonic baths 
Inset baskets for SONOREX insert beakers 
Laboratory flask holders ZF, stainless steel for insert baskets SONOREX 
Lids for Sonorex ultrasonic baths 
Positioning lids for Sonorex ultrasonic baths 
Probe extentions for Sonotrodes 
Probes for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers, titanium 
Probes for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers, titanium 
Probes for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers, titanium, HD 4000 series 
Ready-to-operate set BactoSonic® 14.2 
Ready-to-operate Set SONOCOOL® 255 
Remote control WINSONIC® DT for Sonorex Digitec ...-RC ultrasonic baths 
Shaking Device SA 1028 for Ultrasonic Bath SONOSHAKE 
Sleeve adapters, PTFE for Ultrasonic homogenisers SONOPULS 
Sonorex insert beakers 
SONOSHAKE Ultrasonic Bath with Shaking Device 
Sound proof box LS 4 
Sound proof box LS 40 
Suspension baskets for Sonorex ultrasonic baths 
Transport containers, PP, for BactoSonic® 14.2 
Ultrasonic Baths Sonorex Digitec DT … F - Basic equipment 
Ultrasonic baths SONOREX ZE 
Ultrasonic baths with infra-red interface, Sonorex Digitec ...-RC 
Ultrasonic Baths, SONOREX SUPER 
Ultrasonic baths, Sonorex Technik 
Ultrasonic Homogeniser SONOPULS mini20 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 2070.2 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 2200.2 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4050 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4100 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4200 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4400 
Ultrasonic homogenisers, SONOPULS, accessories 
Ultrasonic pipette cleaner PR 140 DH 
Ultrasonic processing vessels for SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers, plastic 
Ultrasonic sieve-bath SONOREX SUPER RK 1040 
Ultrasonic sieve-bath SONOREX SUPER RK 106 
Ultrasonic sieve-bath Sonorex Super ultrasonic bath RK 1028 C 
Utensil and test sieve holder for Sonorex ultrasonic baths