Accessories for anaerobic jars 
Accessories for Eppendorf Thermomixer ™ 
Accessories for freeze dryers ALPHA and BETA series 
Accessories for Homogeniser Potter S 
Accessories for micro-dismembrators U and S 
Accessories for Stomacher 400 Classic 
Air sampler, Airport MD8 airborne bacteria sampler 
Air sampler, MD8 airscan airborne bacteria sampler, accessories 
Amplification Workstation Nunc™ 
Anaerobic jars, stainless steel 
Aspirator LLG-uniVACUUSYS 
Aspirator with trap flask FTA-1 
behrotest® waste water mixers 
Blotting paper 
Booster horns and stepped horns for SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers, titanium alloy 
Centrifugal and Pressure Unit Vivacell 70 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 2 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 2 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 20 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 20, accessories 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 4 
Centrifugal concentrators, Vivaspin 500 
Colony counter eCount™ 
Colony counter, HC 
Crossflow filter units Vivaflow 20 / 500 
Deep-well plates, 96-well, PP 
Disposable gelatin units for air sampler Airport MD8 
Dounce homogenizers 
EcoVac safety suction systems 
Enduro™ power supplies 
Eppendorf ThermoMixer C 
Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ F0.5/F2.0 
Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ F1.5/Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ FP 
EPPI pestle for tubes (Pellet) 
EPPI pestle, PP 
Exhaust Device, borosilicate 
Filter holders, vacuum, Type 162. Stainless steel 
Filter manifold systems, 3- and 6-place 
Filtration Device for Crude Fibre separation 
Filtration microplates, UniFilter® 800 
Flow-through standard horn for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers 
Gel blotting paper 
GEL blotting paper 
Glass caps, DURAN® 
Handle for PTFE pestle for General Purpose homogenisers 
Heat sealers polystar® 244 / 245 
Heat sealers polystar® 242 / 243 
Homogeniser drive unit, schütt homgenplus 
Homogenisers DUALL®, with glass pestle 
Homogenisers DUALL®, with PTFE pestle 
Homogenisers for PTFE pestles 
Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem, with glass pestle 
Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem, with PTFE pestle 
Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles 
Homogenisers, Dounce, glass 
Homogenisers, Duo-Form, Borosilicate glass 3.3 
Homogenisers, Griffiths tube, Borosilicate glass 3.3 
Homogenisers, Handle for Potter-elvehjem 
Homogenisers, Mini series, borosilicate glass 3.3 
Homogenisers, Round Body, glass 
Homogenisers, Safe-Seal, borosilicate glass 3.3/PTFE 
Incubator hood TH 15 
Inoculating loops and needles, PS 
Inoculating needles smartPicks®, wood 
Kapsenberg caps 
LLG-Inoculation loops, PS, sterile 
LLG-Inoculation loops, sterile 
LLG-Micropestles, stainless steel 
LLG-Transfer membrane, nitrocellulose 
LLG-Transfer membrane, PVDF 
LLG-Transfer membrane, supported nitrocellulose 
Membrane filters, blotting, Polycarbonate 
Membrane filters, cellulose acetate, non sterile 
Membrane filters, cellulose nitrate, non-sterile 
Membrane filters, cellulose nitrate, sterile 
Mens laboratory coats Type 82190 
Micro pestles, accessory drive motor 
Micro pestles, CTFE / stainless steel 
MicroWell plates MiniTrays Nunclon™ Δ, PS 
Miniboxes for CryoTubes™, PS 
Multidishes, non-treated, PS, sterile 
Multidishes, Nunc™ cell culture treated surface, PS, sterile 
PCR foil, self-adhesive 
Petri dish turntables, schütt Petriturn 
Picking-Tool schuett PickMaxX II 
Potter-elvehjem homogenisers, plastic coated 
Probes for Sonopuls Ultrasonic homogenisers, titanium 
Shaking Incubators VorTemp™ 56/ 1550 
Shaking incubators, orbital, Certomat® IS, accessories 
Shaking incubators, orbital, stacking, Certomat® BS-1, accessories 
Spare components for dounce homogenizers 
Swabs, plain, culture, cotton/wood 
Thermo shaker AccuTherm 
U96 MicroWell™ / Immuno™ Plates, PS 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4050 
Ultrasonic homogeniser, SONOPULS HD 4100 
V96 MicroWell™ Plates, PS 
Vacuum pump cabinet Vacucenter 1 
Visitors gown, PP