1active carbon
2agitator blade and shaft (laboratory, parts)
3Aluminium cap (flared-, lab)
4Aluminum compound with O (Al, [H,] O) (lab)
5Analysis funnel (lab)
6Analysis mill (lab.)
7analytical balance (laboratory)
8Aspirator bottle (lab)
9automatic titrator accessories (laboratory)
  - B -
10Ball top attachment (parts,lab.)
11Biotech. appl. (other, lab.)
12Block bottom bag (plastic)
13Bottle (aluminum) up to 1000 ml
14Bottle (lab)
15Bottles - parts (laboratory)
16Box (aluminum, packing material)
17Bucket (lab)
18bulb pipette (laboratory)
  - C -
19capillary pipette (laboratory)
20Centrifuge tube (glass, lab)
21Chromatograph. (col., acc., lab.)
22Chromatography (accessories, lab)
23Circular shaker (lab)
24Circulating air drier (lab)
25Clamp (shaking, lab)
26Clip ear protection
27Colony counter (acc., lab.)
28Colorimeter (acc., lab.)
29conductivity electrode (PAT)
30conductivity measuring transducer (PAT)
31Conductometer (acc., lab.)
32control/signaling switch, complete (f. surface mounting)
33Cover glass (lab)
34Cross sleeve (stand,lab)
35Cryogenic (acc., lab.)
  - D -
36Deep freeze (lab., parts)
37detector tube
38Digital therm. (acc., lab.)
39Discharge tap (parts,lab)
40DISPENSER attachment (laboratory)
41dispenser, manual, fixed (laboratory)
42dispenser, manual, variable (laboratory)
43Distillation (lab., parts)
44Double sleeve (stand, lab)
45Douple spatula (lab)
46Dropping bottle (lab)
47Dry nutrient (lab)
  - E -
48Ear protection plug
49Electro chemical app. (other, lab.)
50Electrode (acc., lab.)
51Electrophoresis (reagents,lab)
52Enclosed safety glasses
53Erlenmeyer flask (lab)
54Extractor (lab)
  - F -
55Face protective mask
56Filter (lab)
57Filter attachment (lab)
58Fine dust mask
60Five-finger gloves
61flat-sided bottle (laboratory)
62Flight mask (resp. protect.)
63Flow inducer (acc., lab.)
64Flow inducer pump
65flow spoiler flask
66Flowmeter (special system)
67Flowmeter (susp. sphere)
68Forceps (lab)
69Funnel, sieve (lab)
  - G -
70Gas cleaning, dedusting plant
71Gear pump
72Glass funnel (lab)
73Glasses (eye protection, parts)
74Ground glass thermometer (lab)
  - H -
75Heating hood (lab.)
76Heating plate (lab.)
77Heating, drying (lab.)
78hose connector (laboratory)
79hose, hose connector (laboratory)
  - I -
80Incubator (lab)
81Information sign (sticker)
82Infrared burner
83Instrument dish (lab)
  - L -
84Lab. Agitator, electric (lab)
85Lab. Agitator, pneumatic (lab)
86Lab. safety glasses
87Laboratory apparatus (other)
88laboratory autoclave, benchtop model (accessories, laboratory)
89Laboratory furniture
90Laboratory material, Labatory technology
91laboratory supplies (other)
92lid (flat ground, laboratory)
  - M -
93Magnetic stirrer
94Magnetic stirrer, multi stirrer (lab)
95Magnetic stirrer, single stirrer (lab)
96Mandatory sign (sticker)
97Measuring cylinder (lab)
98Measuring gauge (pressure)
99measuring pipette (laboratory)
100Melting point app. (acc., lab.)
101Membrane filter (lab)
102Micro spatula (lab)
103Microbiol. (bas.chem., nutrient,lab)
104Microbiology (fast tests,lab)
105Microbiology (prod.,other,lab)
106Microcentrifuge (acc., lab)
107Microcentrifuge, cooled (acc., lab)
108Microscope (parts, lab)
109Microscopy (embedding medium, lab)
110Mill (parts, lab.)
111Min-max thermometer (lab)
112moisture analyzer (accessories, lab)
113multiple-gas detector
  - N -
114Narrow-mouth bottle (lab)
  - O -
115Originality lid (parts,lab)
116other consumable material (laboratory)
117other glass burette (laboratory)
118Oxygen meter (acc., lab.)
  - P -
119Paint beaker (lab)
120PCR apparatus (acc., lab.)
121Pellet titration burette (laboratory)
122pH meter (acc., lab.)
123Photometer (other, lab.)
124Physical meas. instr. (other, lab)
125pipette container (laboratory)
126pipette container rack (laboratory)
127pipettor tip, universal (laboratory)
128Plastic tube (lab)
129plug tap (laboratory)
130Polarimeter (acc., lab.)
131portable battery
132Pot lid (parts,lab)
133Pot, vessel, container (other, lab)
134power pack connecting line
135precision balance (laboratory)
136Prefilter (lab)
137Prepared nutrient (lab)
138Pressure bottle (lab)
139Pumparound cooler (lab)
  - R -
140reaction vessel (laboratory)
141redox electrode (PAT)
142Refractometer (acc., lab.)
143Respiratory protective mask
144roll mixer
145Rotary evaporator (lab.)
147Round filter (lab)
  - S -
148Safety boots
149safety pipette ball (laboratory)
150Sample beaker (lab)
151Sample jar (lab)
152Scoop (lab)
153Screw lid (parts,lab)
154screw-top bottles (laboratory)
155Seal (pump, acc., lab)
156Sensor (temperature control, lab)
157Sensor (thermometer acc., lab)
158Shaking (lab)
159Shaking water bath (lab)
160silica sand
161Silicon oxide, silicic acid, salt (lab)
162single-channel pipettors, manual, variable (laboratory)
163Skin care preparation
164Skin cleansing
165Skin protection preparation
166Snap on cap (parts,lab)
167Spatula spoon (lab)
168Spatula, spoon (lab)
169Specimen jar (lab)
170Specimen slide (lab)
171Spectrophotometer (acc., lab.)
172Spray bottle (lab)
173Spray cap (parts,lab)
174Stand (complete, lab)
175Stand (shaking, lab)
176Stand clamp (lab)
177Stand plate (lab)
178Stand ring (lab)
179Stand rod (lab)
180Stereo microscope (lab)
181Stirring rod (lab., parts)
182Straight enclosed-scale therm. (lab)
  - T -
183Table centrifuge (acc., lab)
185Tempering (lab.,parts)
186Test glass (lab)
187Test kits (environm. Analytics,lab)
188Test kits (lab)
189test weight (accessories,balances,lab.)
190Thermometer.,hygrometer (acc., lab)
191trough (laboratory)
192Tube furnace
193turbidity measurement (transmission) (PAT)
  - U -
194Ultrasound bath (acc., lab.)
  - V -
195Vacuum controller
196Vessel, container (lab)
197vibratory mill (laboratory)
198Viscosimeter (acc., lab.)
  - W -
199Warning sign
200Warning sign (sticker)
201Water bath (lab)
202Wide-mouth bottle (lab)
203Wire clamp (surf. grind, lab)