Accessories for agitation reactor GLS 80® 
Accessories for DURAN® YOUTILITY Laboratory Bottle system 
Accessories for Roller Apparatus WHEATON® 
Accessories for Spinner Flasks Celstir® and Magna Flex™ 
Accessories for Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, PP 
Accessories to Cell Culture Flasks DURAN® TILT 
Acid cap bottles 
Adapters for filter crucibles, Duran® 
Analytical funnels, DURAN® 
Aspirator bottles, DURAN® 
Aspirator bottles, DURAN® 
Aspirator bottles, Duran®, conical joint neck and outlet tubulure, with stoppers 
Assembly set, KECK® and Replacement seal 
Baffled flasks DURAN® 
Baffled Wide-mouth bottles, GLS 80®, DURAN®, with screw cap 
Beakers glass, DURAN®, low form 
Beakers glass, DURAN®, tall form 
Beakers glass, DURAN®, tall form, without spout 
Beakers Super Duty, DURAN®, low form 
Bell jars 
Bioreactors CELLine™ 
Bottle-top dispensers 
Bottles, glass, culture medium for metal caps, DURAN® 
Bottles, glass, culture medium, DURAN® 
Bottles, glass, square 
Burette with straight standard ground stopcock, DURAN®, class AS 
Cell Culture Flasks DURAN® TILT 
Centrifuge tubes with conical bottom, borosilicate glass 
Centrifuge tubes, conical, DURAN® 
Centrifuge tubes, round bottom, DURAN® 
Closures KIM-KAP™ for culture flasks, PP 
Compnent parts for Filtering apparatus with stainless steel support 
Connection system for wide-mouth bottles GLS 80® 
Crystallising dishes, DURAN® 
Crystallising dishes, DURAN® 
Culture flasks, DURAN®, Roux type 
Culture flasks, glass DURAN®, straight neck 
Culture media bottles DURAN®, glass, cylindrical 
Culture media bottles, glass, DURAN® 
Culture tubes, glass DURAN®, small, rimless 
Desiccator lids with knob, DURAN® 
Desiccator lids, NOVUS type, DURAN® 
Desiccators, DURAN®, knob lid 
Desiccators, DURAN®, vacuum, with stopcock 
Disposable culture tube, Borosilicate glass 
Disposable culture tube, Soda-lime-glass 
Disposable culture tubes, soda-lime glass, with screw cap 
Disposable Pellet pestles, PP, with reaction tube 
Double-walled wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, DURAN® 
Dounce homogenizers 
Dropping bottles, pipette bottles, soda-lime glass 
DURAN PURE Premium lip seal cap, GL 45, PFA 
DURAN® filtering flask with glass hose connection, Erlenmeyer shape 
DURAN® laboratory glass bottle GL 25 
DURAN® YOUTILITY Laboratory Bottle system GL 45 
Engler Distilling Flasks, DURAN® 
Engler Distilling Flasks, DURAN® 
Erlenmeyer flasks DURAN® Super Duty, wide neck 
Erlenmeyer flasks, DURAN® 
Erlenmeyer flasks, DURAN® Super Duty, narrow neck 
Erlenmeyer flasks, DURAN®, wide neck 
Erlenmeyer flasks, DURAN®, with screw neck 
Erlenmeyer flasks, narrow neck, DURAN® 
Evaporating dishes, DURAN® 
Filter beaker glass, DURAN®, heavy wall 
Filter crucibles, DURAN® 
Filter discs, DURAN® 
Filter flask DURAN® 
Filter flasks with side-arm socket, glass DURAN® 
Filter flasks, glass DURAN® 
Filter flasks, glass DURAN® 
Filter funnels, glass DURAN® 
Filter funnels, glass DURAN®, conical 
Filter holders, DURAN® 
Filter holders, glass, top manifold only, DURAN® 
Filter holders, outlet funnels, PP 
Filtering apparatus DURAN® 
Filtering apparatus DURAN®, Spare parts 
Filtering apparatus with fritted glass support 
Filtering apparatus with PTFE support 
Filtering apparatus with stainless steel support 
FKM seals 
Flat bottom flasks, DURAN®, wide and narrow neck 
Flat flange beakers, DURAN® 
Flat ground flange lids, DURAN® 
Flexible connecting system for DURAN® GL 45 flasks 
Flip-off-seals WHEATON® 
Funnels, DURAN® 
Gas jars, DURAN® 
Gas washing bottles 
Gaskets, silicone/PTFE and pouring rings, ETFE 
GL45 Stirred Reactor 
Glass caps, DURAN® 
Glass ceramic laboratory protection plate 
Glass cylinders with knob lid, DURAN® 
GLS 80® Stirred Reactor 
Homogenisers DUALL®, with glass pestle 
Homogenisers DUALL®, with PTFE pestle 
Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem, with glass pestle 
Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem, with PTFE pestle 
HPLC bottles, DURAN® complete system 4-port screw cap 
Jars, DURAN®, low form 
Kapsenberg caps 
Kjeldahl flasks, DURAN® 
KPG stirrer bearings, DURAN® 
KPG stirrer shafts, DURAN® 
Laboratory bottles Premium, DURAN®, with retrace code 
Laboratory bottles Premium, DURAN®, without cap 
Laboratory bottles Protect DURAN®, with retrace code 
Laboratory bottles, DURAN® amber, with retrace code 
Laboratory bottles, DURAN®, with retrace code, with screw cap 
Laboratory bottles, DURAN®, with retrace code, without screw cap 
Magnetic stirrers BioStir® 
Magnetic stirrers Microstir® 
Measuring cylinders, DURAN® SUPER DUTY, low form, class B, white graduation 
Membrane Cap, PP/ PTFE 
Metal caps 
Micro pestles, accessory drive motor 
Micro pestles, CTFE / stainless steel 
Microcarrier Spinner Flask Magna Flex™ 
Museum jars, DURAN® 
Narrow-mouth bottles, Duran® 
Narrow-mouth reagent bottles with stopper, DURAN® 
Narrow-mouth reagent bottles with stopper, soda-lime glass 
Narrow-mouth square bottles, soda-lime glass, with screw cap 
NMR tubes, 3 and 5mm, borosilicate glass 3.3, KIMAX®-HQ 
NMR tubes, 5mm, DURAN®, three accuracy classes 
Pasteur pipettes, Soda-lime-glass 
Petri dishes, Soda-lime glass 
Petri dishes, DUROPLAN®, borosilicate glass 3.3 
Plastic ferrule, angled, PP 
Pouring rings, PP 
Premium pouring ring for Premium screw cap, TpCh260 
Premium screw cap, TpCh260 
Quick release closure, PSU compound, for GLS 80® laboratory bottles 
Rack for Vials, PP 
Reaction flasks, flat flange, DURAN® 
Reagent bottles DURAN®, clear/amber, pressure resistant 
Remote control unit for Magnetic stirrers MicroStir® / BioStir® 
Roller Apparatus WHEATON® R2P™ 2.0 
Roller Apparatus WHEATON® Standard 
Roller bottles WHEATON®, borosilicate glass, with screw cap 
Round bottom flasks, DURAN®, narrow neck 
Safety-coated bottles, DURAN®, with retrace code 
Safety-coated bottles, DURAN®, brown, with retrace code 
Screw cap for culture tubes, PP, with seal 
Screw Cap GL 45 thermocouple holder, DURAN® 
Screw Cap GL 45 with temperature probe holder, DURAN® 
Screw cap, GL45, with 2 hose connections, PP 
Screw caps, high temperature, PBT 
Screw caps, PP 
Screw caps, PP for Screw Neck Vials Shorty Vials® 
Screw connector caps, PBT 
Screwthread couplings, PBT 
Security caps, tamper-evident, PP 
Silicone Bottle holder 
Silicone cap wads/septa, VMQ 
Silicone sealing rings, VMQ 
Slotted sieve disc (perforated plate) DURAN® 
Slotted sieve filter funnels (Buchner funnels), DURAN® 
Snap caps for centrifuge tubes, PE 
Spicemen Jar, DURAN® 
Spinner Flask, double sidearm Celstir® 
Spinner Flask, double sidearm, jacketed Celstir® 
Square Quadrupod 
Square shape laboratory bottles, DURAN®, with retrace code 
Square, screw cap bottles, wide-mouth, soda-lime glass 
Stainless Steel Bottle, with cap, GL 45, without UN approval 
Stopcocks for desiccators, DURAN® 
Tamper-evident screw caps 
Test tubes, DURAN®, heavy wall 
Test tubes, Fiolax® glass 
Tissue Grinders System 
Tissue Vial CryoELITE®, sterile 
Tubes, glass, DURAN®, culture, screw cap 
Vacuum stopcocks, glass, Vendura-Nova 
Vacuum-Desiccators, DURAN®, complete 
Vial kit WHEATON® CompletePAK 
Watch glasses, DURAN® 
WHEATON Vials®, borosilicate glass 
Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80® protect, DURAN® 
Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, DURAN® amber glass 
Wide-mouth bottles with GLS 80® neck, DURAN®, clear, with screw cap 
Wide-mouth reagent bottles with stopper, DURAN® 
Wide-mouth reagent bottles with stopper, soda-lime glass 
Woulff bottles, DURAN®