Accessories for Constant Climate Chamber HPP 
Accessories for Universal ovens B-, E- and P- series 
Accessories for CO2 Incubators INCOmed 
Accessories for Universal ovens E- and P- series 
Accessories for Universal ovens, E- and P- series 
Accessories for Vacuum ovens VO 
Accessories Humidity Chamber HCP 
Climate Chambers ICH

Climatic Test Chamber CTC256/Temperature Test chamber TTC256 
Compact vacuum oven, VT 6025 
Constant Climate Chambers HPP 
Constant climate chambers, KBF / KBF P / KBF LQC / KMF series 
Cooled incubators with compressor cooling ICP 
Diaphragm pumps for vacuum ovens 
Drying oven E28 series 
Glass door for Universal ovens 
Grids for Universal ovens and Incubators, stainless steel 
Heating ovens, ED, FD, FED series - Classic.Line 
Humidity Chamber Model HCP 
Incubator, mechanical control, B 28 series 
Incubators IN and IF 
Incubators INplus and IFplus 
Incubators, BD, BF series - Classic.Line 
Infra-red furnace 
Material test chambers, FP and M series 
Options and Accessories Climatic Test Chamber CTC / TTC (see next page) 
Peltier incubators IPP 
Peltier incubators IPPplus 
Safety drying ovens, FDL 
Special equipment for Universal ovens and Incubators 
Storage cooled chamber, IPS 
Universal Ovens UN and UF 
Universal ovens UNplus and UFplus 
Vacuum drying ovens VO 
Vacuum drying ovens VOcool 
Vacuum drying ovens, VD, VDL series 
Vacuum oven 6000 
Vacuum pump cabinet Vacucenter 1