12/40/168-well PCR Rack, PP 
2-in-1 Mini-Centrifuge and Magnetic stirrer MagFuge® 
20- and 30-place Cardboard Slide Trays 
50-/100-Well cryogenic boxes, EPS 
96-Well PCR Rack, PP 
96-Well PCR® Rack, Low-Temp 
Accessories for Blood Collection Tray, ABS 
Blood Collection Tray, ABS 
Centrifuge tubes, black, PP, sterile 
Colony counter eCount™ 
Cool Containers True North®, PU 
Cryogenic box Work2Store™, PP 
Cryogenic Boxes true north® Flatpack, PP 
Cryogenic Boxes true north® Flatpack, PP Film 
Cryogenic boxes, PP, 81 well, autoclavable 
Cryogenic Cardboard Boxes, 145 x 145 and Partitions  
Cryogenic cardboard boxes, with lid 
Cryogenic storage boxes Arctic Square®, PC, autoclavable 
Cryogenic storage boxes Transformer™ Cube, PP 
Cryogenic vial racks, PC 
Deep freeze labels Cryo-Babies®/Cryo-Tags® 
Deep freeze labels TOUGH-SPOTS® 
Digital Orbital Shaker 
Dispensing bins 
Disposable paper funnel Eco-smartFunnel™ 
Disposable Staining Slide Tray 
Draining racks, vinyl-coated steel 
Economy Counters 
Floating Tube Racks, PE 
Glove box holder Flexihold 
Glove Dispenser for 1, 2 or 3 Boxes 
Glove Dispenser, PS, Stainless Steel, Anti-Microbial 
Hand tally counter 
Heat Sealer with Cutter 
High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge Gusto™ 
Inoculating needles smartPicks®, wood 
Label station, acrylic for Tough-Tags® / Cryo-Babies® / Tough-Spots® 
Labels Tough-Tags® 
Laboratory mats Workstation Lab Mat, silicone 
Laboratory mats, silicone 
Laser deep freeze labels Cryo-Babies® 
Magnetic Induction Stirrer 
Magnetic stirrer Mini 
Microscope slide boxes 
Microscope slide boxes Premium Plus 
Microscope Slide Boxes, PP 
Microtube Rack Rota-Rack® Duo 
Microtube Rack, 20-Well, PP 
Microtube racks, PP, 4-Way 
Microtube racks, PP, 96-Well 
Microtube Storage Boxes, PP, 50-/100-Well 
Mini Light Box and Mini Magnifier 
Mini Vortexer 
Mini-Centrifuge Sprout® / Sprout® plus 
One-Well Connecting Tube Racks, PP 
One-Well Friction-Fit Tube Racks, PS 
One-Well wire tube racks, epoxy-coated steel 
PARAFILM® M dispenser 
Partitions for cryogenic cardboard boxes 
Permanent marker Sharpie® 
Pipette controller RF1000 
Pipette stand Universal for single and multi-channel microliter pipettes 
Pipette stands Flip & Grip™ for single and multi-channel microliter pipettes 
Pipette stands for Single channel microliter pipettes 
Pipette Wall Mount Universal, ABS 
Pipette Workstation for Single channel microliter pipettes 
Portable Desiccator DURAPorter™, PC 
Powder spatula smartSPATULAS®, PP 
Rack for serological pipettes 
Racks for cryoboxes Arctic Squares®, Stainless steel 
Racks for Serological Pipettes 
Reaction tubes, black, PP 
Reagent Reservoir Coolers 
Reagent reservoirs 
Reagent Reservoirs 
Reagent Reservoirs 
Safety Glasses Dispenser Clearly Safe® 
Safety Gloves, Heat Protection, up to 232 °C 
Safety razor blades smartSlicer™, PET 
Sealing tape PetriSeal / ContainerSeal 
Slide Holders, PE 
Slide Mailers 
Spare Inventory card for Microscope slide boxes Premium Plus 
Stabilizing/Weighting rings, lead 
Storage container Tubby®, PP, with lid and divider 
Storage Rack for Microscope Slide Boxes, Acrylic 
Test Tube Rack for 5ml, 15ml and 16mm Tubes 
Test Tube Racks Mega Rack®, PP 
Test tube racks one rack®, POM/PP 
Test Tube Racks, PP, clinical, 4-Way 
Tube Rack Adapt-a-Rack™, POM 
Tube Rack OneRack® Multi 
Tube Rack pop-up™, foldable, PP 
Tube Rack Rota-Rack®, PP 
Tube Rack, HDPE-coated steel 
Tube standing and drying racks, PP 
Universal tube racks, PP 
Weighing boats smartBoats™, paper 
Weighing boats with spout, PS 
Weighing boats, PS 
Weighing scoops, antistatic, PS 
Workstation Dispensing Bin for Pipette tips