Accessories for LABOROTA 4000 
Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers - Heat-On Attachments 
Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers - Heat-On package 
Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers, Reaction systems StarFish 
Accessories for MR series magnetic stirrers / hotplates 
Accessories for Overhead Stirrers 
Accessories for Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Series 
Accessories for shakers and mixers 
Analog Pump drive PD 5001/5006 
Automatic Module - Hei-VAP Distimatic 
Evaporator flasks for Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Series 
Generator for Homogeniser SilentCrusher M 
Generators Homogeniser SilentCrusher S 
Hei-VAP Advantage 
Hei-VAP Precision 
Hei-VAP Value 
Impellers for Overhead Stirrers 
Impellers VISCO JET® 
Incubator 1000, suitable for Heidolph Platform Shakers 
Large-scale rotary evaporators Hei-VAP Industrial 
Magnetic stirrers without heating 
Magnetic stirring hotplates MR Hei-Standard / Hei-Tec / Hei-End 
Mechanical Stirrers RZR series 
MR Plug & Play Packages 
MR Plug & Play Packages 
Multi-channel pumps C4 / C8 / C12 
Overhead shaker Reax 20 
Overhead stirrers Hei-TORQUE Precision 
Overhead stirrers Hei-TORQUE Value 
Platform shakers Duomax 1030 - rocking 
Platform shakers Polymax 1040/2040 - wave 
Platform shakers Promax 1020/2020 - reciprocating 
Platform Shakers Rotamax 120 / Unimax 1010/2010 - orbital 
Platform shakers Titramax 100/101/1000 
Platform shakers Vibramax 100/110 
Pump drive PD 5101/5106 
Pump drive PD 5201/5206 
Rotary evaporators, Hei-VAP Value Digital 
Single-channel pump heads SP quick 
Single-channel pump heads SP standard and SP vario 
Test tube shakers Multi Reax 
Test tube shakers Reax top / control 
Vacuum Pumps Rotavac Valve/Vario 
Valve-regulated vacuum pump Rotavac 20