4-Position-Magnetic Stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 1/M4 
Accessoires for LLG-Filtering apparatus 
Accessories for Aspirator LLG-uniVACUUSYS 
Accessories for cooling incubators LLG-uniINCU 28 
Accessories for LLG pH meter 7 
Accessories for LLG-pH meter 5 
Accessories for LLG-uniBLOCKTHERM 
Accessories for LLG-uniSTIRRER 3 / LLG-uniSTIRRER 5 / LLG-uniSTIRRER 7 
Accessories for LLG-Vacuum desiccator cabinets "Heavy Duty" 
Accessories for LLG-Vacuum desiccators "Heavy Duty" 
Accessories for Magnetic stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 2 
Accessories for manual serial dispenser 
Accessories for Mini centrifuge LLG-uniCFUGE 5 
Accessories for Orbital shaker LLG-uniSHAKER 25 
Accessories for Overhead mixer LLG-uniROTATOR 2 / LLG-uniLOOPMIX 2 
Accessories for Overhead stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER OH2 
Accessories for Photometers PrimeLab 1.0 
Accessories for Single channel microliter pipettes LLG-proMLP 
Accessories for Spectrophotometer LLG-uniSPEC 2 / LLG-uniSPEC 4 
Accessories for Test tube shaker LLG-uniTEXER 1 
Accessories for uniPERISTALTICPUMP 1 and 3 
Accessories for Universal drying ovens LLG-uniOVEN 42 / 110 / 150 
Aspirator LLG-uniVACUUSYS 
Bottletop dispenser LLG-uniTOPDISPENS with glass piston and clear glass cylinder 
Bottletop dispenser LLG-uniTOPDISPENS 2 
Bottletop dispenser LLG-uniTOPDISPENS 2 Duo 
Caps, metal, for LLG-Wide-Neck jars 
Cooling incubator LLG-uniINCU 28 Cool 
Digital dry bath LLG-uniBLOCKTHERM 
Digital hand-held refractometer LLG-uniREFRACTO 1 and 2 
Disc rotator LLG-uniLOOPMIX 2 
Dispenser tips, Ritips® including LLG-uniDISPENS 
Heating blocks for Thermo shaker LLG-uniTHERMIX 1 and 2 pro 
Heating blocks for Thermo shaker LLG-uniTHERMIX 1 and 2 
Insert cap disks for LLG cryotubes, PP 
Inserts for LLG-Short Thread Vials ND9, wide opening 
LLG Buchner funnels, porcelain 
LLG Crimp Neck Vials economy ND11, wide opening 
LLG Crimp Neck Vials ND11, small and wide opening (flat bottom) 
LLG Crimp neck vials ND13 
LLG Deep well plates, 96 well, PP 
LLG Partition inserts for Cryoboxes, 133 x 133 
LLG pH electrode 
LLG pH meter 7 
LLG Photometers PrimeLab 1.0 
LLG Plugs, PE 
LLG Sample bottles for QuickPicker Sampler 
LLG Septa for Screw Caps ND8 
LLG single channel microliter pipettes, fix 
LLG single channel microliter pipettes, variable 
LLG Snap Caps ND18 and ND22, LDPE 
LLG Stoppers ND20 
LLG Syringe Filter CA, Cellulose acetate 
LLG Syringe Filter GF, Glass-fibre 
LLG Syringe Filter NY, Nylon/Polyamide 
LLG Syringe Filter PE, Polyethylene 
LLG Syringe Filter PES, Polyethersulfone 
LLG Syringe Filter PTFE, Polytetrafluorethylene 
LLG Syringe Filter PVDF, Polyvinylidene fluoride 
LLG Syringe Filter RC, Regenerated cellulose 
LLG Syringe Filters SPHEROS, Cellulose Acetate 
LLG Syringe Filters SPHEROS, Nylon 
LLG Syringe Filters SPHEROS, PES 
LLG Syringe Filters SPHEROS, PTFE 
LLG weighing scoops, porcelain 
LLG- Beakers, low form, PTFE 
LLG- Floating pellets, PP 
LLG- General-purpose thermometers, green filling 
LLG- General-purpose thermometers, red filling 
LLG-2in1 KITs with crimp neck vials ND11 (wide opening)  
LLG-2in1 KITs with Screw Neck Vials ND8 (small opening)  
LLG-2in1 KITs with Short Thread Vials ND9 (wide opening)  
LLG-2in1 KITs with snap ring vials ND11 (wide opening)  
LLG-Absorbent, oil and chemical binder, granules 
LLG-All-round Cutter with rubber grip 
LLG-Aluminium Crimp Caps ND8, ready assembled 
LLG-Aluminium Crimp Seals ND11, ready assembled 
LLG-Aluminium Crimp Seals ND11, ready assembled 
LLG-Aluminium Crimp Seals ND13, ready assembled and empty Crimp Caps ND13 
LLG-Analytical funnels, sterile 
LLG-Aspirator Bottles, narrow neck, HDPE 
LLG-Aspirator Bottles, narrow neck, HDPE, with stopcock 
LLG-Assortment box, PS 
LLG-Autoclavable bags, PP 
LLG-Autoclavable Bags, PP, with Biohazard printing 
LLG-Bimetal Crimp Seals ND20, ready assembled, magnetic 
LLG-Bottle carriers, wire/nylon 
LLG-Bottles, wide mouth, HDPE 
LLG-Buckets, PP 
LLG-Buckets, PP 
LLG-Cell strainers, Nylon, sterile 
LLG-Cellulose stoppers 
LLG-Cellulose stoppers, Steristoppers® 
LLG-Cellulose tissue, supplied in stacks 
LLG-Centrifuge Tubes economy, PP 
LLG-Centrifuge tubes, 5ml, PP 
LLG-Centrifuge tubes, PP 
LLG-Cleaning brushes 
LLG-Conductivity Solutions 
LLG-Cover glass forceps, acc. to Kühne, stainless steel 
LLG-Cover glass forceps, self-locking, stainless steel 
LLG-Cover glass forceps, type Kühne, stainless steel 
LLG-Crimp Neck Micro-Vials ND8 
LLG-Crimp Neck Vial ND20 for the doping control 
LLG-Crimp Seals ND20 (Center Tead Off Caps), Aluminium, ready assembled 
LLG-Crimp Seals ND20 (Center Tead Off Caps), Aluminium, unassembled 
LLG-Crimp Seals ND20 (Complete Tear Off Caps), Aluminium, ready assembled 
LLG-Crimp Seals ND20 (Complete Tear Off Caps), Aluminium, unassembled 
LLG-Crimp Seals ND20, Aluminium, ready assembled 
LLG-Crimping Tools ND8/ND11/ND13/ND20 
LLG-Crucibles, stainless steel 
LLG-Cryogenic storage boxes, plastic coated, 133 x 133 
LLG-Cryogenic storage boxes, plastic coated, 136 x 136 
LLG-Cryogenic storage boxes, plastic coated, white 
LLG-Cryogenic storage boxes, PP, autoclavable 
LLG-Cryotubes, PP, sterile 
LLG-Crystallising dishes, borosilicate glass 
LLG-Crystallising dishes, stainless steel 
LLG-Deep well plates, 384-well, PP 
LLG-Desiccant drying agents, silica gel, self-indicating 
LLG-Desiccators, soda-lime glass, with lid, stopcock and porcelain plate 
LLG-Digital pocket themometer Type 12060 
LLG-Digital pocket themometer Type 12070 
LLG-Digital pocket themometer Type 12080 
LLG-Digital pocket themometer Type 12090 
LLG-Digital pocket thermometer Type 12050 
LLG-Digital single channel microliter pipettes, Packages, variable 
LLG-Dispenser for PARAFILM® M, orange, ABS 
LLG-Dispenser system Wiper Bowl® Safe & Clean for cleaning tissues 
LLG-Dispenserbox, Acrylic Glass 
LLG-Dispensing scoops, HDPE 
LLG-Disposable Bouffant Caps, PP 
LLG-Disposable Gloves classic, Latex, Powder-Free 
LLG-Disposable Gloves ergo, Nitrile, Powder-Free 
LLG-Disposable Gloves strong, Nitrile, Powder-Free 
LLG-Disposable Gloves, standard long, Nitrile, Powder-Free 
LLG-Disposable Gloves, standard, Nitrile, Powder-Free 
LLG-Disposable plastic cells, PS 
LLG-Disposable Protective Sleeves, PE 
LLG-Disposable Protective Suits, PP 
LLG-Disposable Protective Visors 
LLG-Disposable Reagent reservoirs economy, PS 
LLG-Disposable Shoe Covers, CPE 
LLG-Disposable Shoe Covers, PP, with CPE sole 
LLG-Disposable syringes, 3-parts, PP, non-sterile, bulk 
LLG-Disposable Visitor Gowns, PP 
LLG-Disposal bags, PE 
LLG-Dissecting forceps, stainless steel 420 
LLG-Draining racks, PE-coated wire 
LLG-Drigalski spatulas and Inoculation hooks 
LLG-Dry swabs, sterile 
LLG-Dual-Timer, 2-channel 
LLG-Electrical pipette Plus 
LLG-Electrode stand for 3 electrodes 
LLG-Electrolyte solutions, KCL 
LLG-Electronic single channel microliter pipettes, variable 
LLG-Evaporating basins, stainless steel 
LLG-Exact-Temp precision thermometers, blue spirit-filled 
LLG-Exact-Temp Standard thermometers, red spirit-filled 
LLG-Extraction thimbles, cellulose 
LLG-Fast filtration funnels with internal ribs, PP 
LLG-Filter tips 2.0, PP 
LLG-Filtering apparatus 
LLG-Forceps assortment, 4-parts, chromium-nickel steel 
LLG-Forceps, 18/10 steel 
LLG-Fork clamps for spherical joints 
LLG-Fork clamps for spherical joints 
LLG-Funnel holder, PP 
LLG-Funnel holder, stainless steel, with or without boss head 
LLG-Funnel, borosilicate glass 3.3 
LLG-Funnels, PP 
LLG-General purpose thermometer, red filling 
LLG-General purpose thermometers economy 
LLG-GHS Warning Labels, Self-Adhesive, Roll in Dispenser Box 
LLG-Glass beads, borosilicate glass 
LLG-Glass microfibre filters, filter circles 
LLG-Glass-Syringes, borosilicate glass 
LLG-Glass-Syringes, borosilicate glass 
LLG-Glove dispenser for 1 or 3 boxes, acrylic glass 
LLG-Glove Dispenser, Coated Wire 
LLG-Griffin beakers, PP 
LLG-Hand towel dispenser 
LLG-Hand towels, 3-ply 
LLG-Headspace Seals ND20 (Pressure Release Caps), Aluminium, ready assembled 
LLG-Headspace wash kit with crimp neck vials 
LLG-Headspace-Precision Thread Vials ND18 
LLG-Headspace-Vials ND20 (20ml and 50 ml) 
LLG-Headspace-Vials ND20 (5ml and 10ml) 
LLG-Hexagonal weighing boats, antistatic, PS 
LLG-Histology cassettes with detachable lid 
LLG-Hose cutter 
LLG-Indicator paper sticks 
LLG-Inline-filters, PTFE 
LLG-Inoculation loops, PS, sterile 
LLG-Inoculation loops, sterile 
LLG-Joint clips, POM 
LLG-Lab Chair 
LLG-Lab Notebook 
LLG-Lab Standing Rest 
LLG-Lab Stool 
LLG-Labelling tapes 
LLG-Labels with "Biohazard" Symbol 
LLG-Laboratory and hygienic tissues, 2-ply, 150 wipes 
LLG-Laboratory coat, 100% cotton 
LLG-Laboratory jack, stainless steel 
LLG-Laboratory Power Failure Detector 
LLG-Laboratory tissues, roll, 102 sheets 3-ply 
LLG-Labware pipette tips, economy 2.0, PP 
LLG-Low retention filter tips, sterile 
LLG-Low temperature thermometers, -200 to +30°C 
LLG-Low-Retention Pipette tips pipettes, non-sterile 
LLG-Macro Spoon Spatula, PP 
LLG-Magnetic stirrer RCT standard safety control, Set 
LLG-Magnetic Stirring Bar Retrievers, PTFE 
LLG-Magnetic stirring bars, cylindrical, PTFE, eco pack 
LLG-Magnetic Universal Screw Seals ND18 for Precision Thread Vials ND18 
LLG-Measuring jugs, PP 
LLG-Micro Crimp Neck Vials ND11 
LLG-Micro Inserts for Crimp Neck Vials ND11 
LLG-Micro-Inserts for Screw Vials ND8, small opening 
LLG-Microbiological Media 
LLG-Microbiological Media, sample packs 
LLG-Microbiological Monitors, sterile 
LLG-Microcentrifuge tubes, PP 
LLG-Micropestles, stainless steel 
LLG-Microtube racks, PP, 80-well 
LLG-Min/Max Thermometer with outdoor sensor 
LLG-Mini Narrow-neck vials, PP, Heavy Duty 
LLG-Mortars only, porcelain 
LLG-Multi-purpose tool 
LLG-Narrow-mouth bottles with cap, LDPE, economy pack 
LLG-Overall tritex® pro White, Type 5/6, PP 
LLG-Panoramic Eyeshield 
LLG-Partition inserts for Cryoboxes, 136 x 136 
LLG-Partition inserts for LLG-Cryoboxes, white 
LLG-Pasteur Pipettes, PE 
LLG-Pasteur pipettes, Soda-lime-glass 
LLG-PCR tubes with attached lids, PP 
LLG-PCR-Tubes, 8 Strips with attached individual caps, PP 
LLG-PCR-Tubes, 8 Strips, PP 
LLG-PE Caps ND20, transparent and appropriate Septa ND19 
LLG-PE Snap Ring Seals ND11,ready assembled 
LLG-Pestle only, porcelain 
LLG-Petri dishes, soda-lime glass 
LLG-Petridishes, PS 
LLG-pH buffer solutions with colour coding 
LLG-pH Meter 5 
LLG-pH-Buffer solution 
LLG-pH-Buffer solutions with colour coding in twin-neck dispensing bottles 
LLG-pH-Electrodes labobratory line 
LLG-Pipette stands for single channel microliter pipettes, PMMA 
LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, Rack 
LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, bulk, non-sterile 
LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, Refill System 
LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, Refill System 
LLG-Plate for desiccator, porcelain 
LLG-Porcelain casserole with handle 
LLG-Porcelain crucibles, low, DIN 12904 
LLG-Porcelain crucibles, medium, DIN 12904 
LLG-Porcelain crucibles, tall, DIN 12904 
LLG-Porcelain evaporating dishes with spout, flat bottom, medium form 
LLG-Porcelain evaporating dishes with spout, flat bottom, shallow form 
LLG-Porcelain evaporating dishes with spout, round bottom, medium form 
LLG-Porcelain filter crucibles, DIN 12909 
LLG-Porcelain incinerating boats, with loop handle 
LLG-Porcelain incinerating dishes 
LLG-PP Screw Seals ND10 
LLG-PP Screw Seals ND13, ready assembled and empty Screw Caps ND13 
LLG-PP Screw Seals ND24 (UltraBond Seals and ready assembled Seals ND24), PP Screw Caps ND24 (empty) and Septa ND22 
LLG-PP Screw Seals ND8, ready assembled, and empty Screw Caps ND8 
LLG-PP Short Thread Seals ND9, ready assembled 
LLG-PP Short Thread Seals ND9, ready assembled 
LLG-PP UltraBond* Short Thread Seals ND9 
LLG-Precision thermometer, -200°C up to +30°C, red filling 
LLG-Precision thermometer, calibratable, red filling 
LLG-Precison-Hydrometer, Alcoholmeters, with thermometer, calibratable 
LLG-Pressure-seal bags with write on patch, PE 
LLG-Pressure-seal bags, PE 
LLG-Protective netting, roll 
LLG-Protective Visor with chin protection 
LLG-Qualitative filter paper, circles 
LLG-Qualitative filter paper, circles 
LLG-Qualitative filter paper, circles 
LLG-Qualitative filter paper, folded filters 
LLG-Qualitative filter paper, sheets 
LLG-Quantitative filter paper, circles 
LLG-Quantitative filter paper, circles 
LLG-Quantitative filter paper, circles 
LLG-Quantitative filter paper, circles 
LLG-Rack for Vials, PP 
LLG-RCT standard safety control 
LLG-Replacement Septa for Screw Caps ND15, ND18 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields basic + 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields basic 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields classic 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields evolution / evolution+ / comfort 
LLG-Safety Eyeshields lady 
LLG-Safety pipette bulb, rubber, red 
LLG-Safety vented wash bottles, LDPE 
LLG-Safety vented wash bottles, LDPE 
LLG-Safety wash bottles, LDPE 
LLG-Safety wash bottles, LDPE 
LLG-Sample containers, PP, Heavy Duty, with screw cap, HDPE 
LLG-Sample containers, PP, with screw cap, PP 
LLG-Sample containers, PS, with metal cap, sterile 
LLG-Sample containers, PS, with screw cap, sterile 
LLG-Sample containers, PS/PP, with tamper-evident cap, LDPE/PP 
LLG-Sample dishes, Aluminium 
LLG-Scissors general purpose, stainless steel 
LLG-Screw Neck Vials and appropriate Micro-Insert 
LLG-Screw Neck Vials for Storage Purposes ND 15, ND 18 
LLG-Screw Neck Vials ND10, wide opening and Micro-Inserts 
LLG-Screw Neck Vials ND24 (EPA Vials) 
LLG-Screw Neck Vials ND8, small opening 
LLG-Screw Seals for Screw Neck Vials ND 15, ND 18 
LLG-Septa for Crimp Caps ND11 
LLG-Septa for Crimp Caps ND20 
LLG-Septa for Screw Caps ND13 
LLG-Septa for Thread Screw Caps ND9 
LLG-Serological pipettes, PS, sterile 
LLG-Shell Vials with PE cap (fire-polished neck) ND8, ND12, ND15 
LLG-Short period timer with alarm 
LLG-Short thread screw caps ND9, magnetic 
LLG-Short Thread Vials economy ND9, wide opening 
LLG-Short Thread Vials ND9, wide opening 
LLG-Short Thread Vials ND9, wide opening, Micro-Vials 
LLG-Short Thread Vials ND9, wide opening, SureStop™ 
LLG-Slide dispenser 
LLG-Slide mailers 
LLG-Snap Cap Vials ND18 and ND22, without lid 
LLG-Snap Ring Vials ND11, wide opening and Micro-Inserts 
LLG-spatulas, sterile 
LLG-Spoon spatulas, 18/10 steel 
LLG-Spoon spatulas, 18/10 steel, wide form 
LLG-Staining jars, soda-lime-glass 
LLG-Staining plates, porcelain 
LLG-Steel Crimp Seals ND20, ready assembled, magnetic 
LLG-Stoppers, PE, for test tubes 
LLG-Stoppers, silicone, with turn-over flange 
LLG-Storage Boxes, PP 
LLG-Surface protector DescProtect 
LLG-Syringe Filter NC, Nitrocellulose 
LLG-Temperature block exact, aluminium 
LLG-Test and centrifuge tubes rimmed, PS or PP 
LLG-Test tube rack, PP 
LLG-Test tube racks, self-aligning, stainless steel 
LLG-Test tube racks, wire/nylon 
LLG-Test tubes, Fiolax® glass 
LLG-Test tubes, soda-lime glass 
LLG-Timer Cube 
LLG-Timer pro 
LLG-Timer with Triple Alarms, 1-channel 
LLG-Timer with White Board, 4 channel 
LLG-Transfer membrane, nitrocellulose 
LLG-Transfer membrane, PVDF 
LLG-Transfer membrane, supported nitrocellulose 
LLG-Transport tubes, PP, with screw cap 
LLG-Trolleys, Stainless Steel 
LLG-uniREFRACTO 5 pro 
LLG-Univeral dispenser, acrylic glass 
LLG-Universal indicator paper, rolls 
LLG-Universal indicator paper, strips 
LLG-Universal Indicator strips "Premium", in vial with snap lid 
LLG-Universal reaction block system for magnetic stirrers 
LLG-Universal slicer 
LLG-Vacuum desiccator cabinets, polycarbonate, square form, "Heavy Duty" 
LLG-Vacuum desiccators, polycarbonate, round form, "Heavy Duty" 
LLG-Vacuum measuring instrument DVR 2 pro 
LLG-Wash bottles, narrow neck, PE 
LLG-Weighing boats, diamond, antistatic, PS 
LLG-Weighing boats, PS 
LLG-Weighing boats, square, antistatic, PS 
LLG-Weighing bottles with NS lid, Borosilicate glass 3.3 
LLG-Weighing brush, with wooden handle 
LLG-Weighing dishes, aluminium 
LLG-Weighing paper 
LLG-Wide-mouth bottles, with screw cap, LDPE, economy pack 
LLG-Wide-Neck jars, glass 
LLG-Working and Chemical Protective Apron Guttasyn®, PVC/PE 
Magnetic stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 1 
Magnetic stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 2 
Magnetic stirrer with heating LLG-uniSTIRRER 3, complete set 
Magnetic stirrer with heating LLG-uniSTIRRER 5, complete package 
Magnetic stirrer with heating LLG-uniSTIRRER 7, complete package 
Manual Serial Dispenser LLG-uniDISPENS pro 
Manual Serial Dispenser LLG-uniDISPENS 
Melting point meters LLG-uniMELT 2 und 3 
Microtitre shaker LLG-uniPLATESHAKER 1 
Mini centrifuge LLG-uniCFUGE 3 with timer and digital display 
Mini centrifuge LLG-uniCFUGE 5 with timer and digital display 
Mini centrifuges LLG-uniCFUGE 2 and LLG-uniCFUGE 2/5 
Mini-Incubator LLG-uniINCU 20 
Mini-Ultrasonic Cleaner LLG-uniSONIC 1 
Orbital shaker LLG-uniSHAKER 25 
Overhead mixer LLG-uniROTATOR 2 
Overhead stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER OH2, digital 
Peristaltic pump LLG-uniPERISTALTICPUMP 1 
Peristaltic pump LLG-uniPERISTALTICPUMP 3 
pH Tester LLG-pH Pen