Accessories for Compact shakers, KS 15 series 
Accessories for Incubator Shaker KS4000i control 
Accessories for magnetic stirrer, SM27 
Accessories for Minishakers, MS1 and MS2 
Accessories for orbital and reciprocating shakers 
Accessories for orbital shaker KS 130 
Accessories for Orbital shaking platform PSU-10i 
Accessories for platform rocker PMR-30, tumbling-platform rotator PS-3D and multi-function rotator PSM-3D 
Accessories for Rotator Genie™ 
Accessories for Shaker MS 3 
Accessories for shaker Vortex 3 
Accessories for Shaker Vortex-Genie® Max 
Accessories for Shaker VXR basic Vibrax® 
Accessories for shakers and mixers 
Accessories for shakers HS/KS 260 
Accessories for shakers RS-OS / RS-LS / RS-RS 5 / RS-DS 5 series 
Accessories for universal shaker SM 30 
Accessory plates for STR4/1 
Bottle holder STR4/4 for overhead shakers STR4 
Clamps for Erlenmeyer Flasks 
Clamps for Separating Funnels 
Combi shaker KL 2 
Compact shakers, KS 15 series / KS 15 control 
Digital Orbital Shaker 
Drum figure-of-8 STR4/3 for overhead shakers STR4 
Drum STR4/1 for overhead shakersSTR4 
Drum, Flask, STR4/2 for overhead shakers STR4 
Flask shaker SF1 
General purpose stirrers , SS10, SS20, SS30 
Holding Frame for a Test Plate 
Incubator 1000, Suitable for Heidolph Shakers 
Incubator hood TH 15 
Incubator hood TH 30 
Incubator Shaker KS4000i control 
Magnetic stirrer UC151 
Magnetic stirrer UC151 
Magnetic stirrer Hei-Mix 
Magnetic stirrer Hei-Mix L 
Magnetic stirrer SM27, with battery operation. 
Magnetic stirrer with heating, 3-Position, SB162-3 
Magnetic stirrer, 3-Position, SB161-3 
Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate, CD162 
Magnetic stirrer/hotplate, SD162 
Microplate shakers Orbit™ P2 / P4 
Microtitre plate shakers Titramax 100/101 
Microtitre plate shakers Titramax 1000 
Microtitre shaker MTS 2/4 digital 
Microtitre shaker PMS-1000i 
Mixers, vortex, SA7 / SA8 
Multi-Flask Shaker VKS 75 control 
Multi-function rotator PTR-35 / PTR-60 
Multi-function tumbling shaker PS-M3D 
Non-slip Mats 
Orbital shaker 3005 
Orbital shaker KS501 digital 
Orbital Shaker PSU-10i 
Orbital shaker RS-OS series 
Orbital shaker SSM1 
Orbital shaker, KS 130 basic 
Orbital shaker, KS 130 control 
Orbital shaker, KS 260 basic/Package / KS 260 control/Package 
Orbital shakers 3015 and 3017 
Orbital shakers 3019 and 3020 
Orbital shakers SSL1 
Orbital shakers Unimax package 
Orbital shakers Vibramax 100 
Orbital shakers Vibramax 110 
Overhead Shaker Reax 2 
Overhead shaker Reax 20 
Overhead shakers STR4 
Overhead Stirrer shafts 
Platform for multi-function overhead shakers PTR-35 
Platform for multi-function overhead shakers PTR-60 
Platform Frame 
Platform Shakers Rotamax 120 
Platform shakers Titramax package 
Platform Shakers Unimax 1010 
Platform Shakers Unimax 2010 
Platform tumbling shaker PMR-30 
Platform tumbling shaker PS-3D 
Rack cradle STR4/5 for overhead shakers STR4 
Rack Frame 
Reciprocating shaker 3006 
Reciprocating shaker Promax 1020 
Reciprocating shaker Promax 2020 
Reciprocating shaker, HS 260 basic / HS 260 control 
Reciprocating shakers 3016 and 3018 
Reciprocating shakers RS-LS series 
Reciprocating shakers, large platform, SSL2 
Rocking shaker SSL4, large platform 
Rocking Shaker, Mini, SSM4 
Rocking shakers 3013 and 3014 
Rocking shakers Duomax 1030 
Roller mixers RS-TR 5 / 10 
Rotating Shaker 3040 
Rotator Genie™, with platform 
Rotators SB2 / SB3 
Shaker MS3 basic/digital 
Shaker Multi Vortex Genie® 
Shaker Orbital-Genie® 
Shaker VORTEX 1 
Shaker VORTEX 2 
Shaker Vortex 3 
Shaker, microtitre plate, SSM5 / SSL5 
Shakers, KS / HS501 digital, accessories 
Shakers, KS / HS501 digital, accessories 
Shaking Trays 
Stacking system for roller mixers 
Test tube rack 
Test tube shaker, lab dancer 
Test tube shakers Multi Reax 
Test tube shakers Reax top / control 
Tube holders for rotators SB2 / SB3 
Tube Roller Mixer, SRT6, SRT6D, SRT9, SRT9D 
Tumbling shaker GyroTwister™ / GyroTwister™ Adjustable 
Tumbling shaker SSL3, large platform 
Tumbling Shaker, Mini, SSM3 
Tumbling shakers 3011 and 3012 
Tumbling shakers Mini Twist and Mini Mixer 
Tumbling Shakers Polymax 1040 
Tumbling Shakers Polymax 2040 
Universal Mounts 
Universal shakers, SM 30 series / SM 30 control 
Vibrating shaker, VXR basic Vibrax® 
Vibrating shaker, VXR basic Vibrax®, accessory attachments 
Vortex mixer PV-1 
Vortex Mixer VTX-3000 L