1active carbon
2agitator blade and shaft (laboratory, parts)
3Aluminium cap (flared-, lab)
4Aluminum compound with O (Al, [H,] O) (lab)
5Aluminum foil (lab)
6Analysis funnel (lab)
7Analysis mill (lab.)
8analytical balance (laboratory)
9Araeometer (lab)
10Aspirator bottle (lab)
11automatic titrator accessories (laboratory)
  - B -
12Ball grind clamp (surf. grind, lab)
13Ball top attachment (parts,lab.)
14Biotech. appl. (other, lab.)
15Block bottom bag (plastic)
16Bottle (aluminum) up to 1000 ml
17Bottle (glass, packing material)
18Bottle (lab)
19Bottles - parts (laboratory)
20Bucket (lab)
21bulb pipette (laboratory)
22burette accesories (laboratory)
23burette titration canule (laboratory)
  - C -
24capillary pipette (laboratory)
25Capillary tube (glass, lab)
26Cell (lab)
27Centrifuge tube (glass, lab)
28Centrifuge tube (plastic, lab)
29Chromatograph. (col., acc., lab.)
30Chromatography (accessories, lab)
31Circular shaker (lab)
32Circulating air drier (lab)
33Clamp (shaking, lab)
34Clip ear protection
35Colony counter (acc., lab.)
36Colorimeter (acc., lab.)
37conductivity electrode (PAT)
38conductivity measuring transducer (PAT)
39Conductometer (acc., lab.)
40Connection cable (contact therm.,lab.)
41control/signaling switch, complete (f. surface mounting)
42Cooler (lab)
43Cover glass (lab)
44Cross sleeve (stand,lab)
45Cryogenic (acc., lab.)
  - D -
46Deep freeze (lab., parts)
47detector tube
48Digital therm. (acc., lab.)
49Discharge tap (parts,lab)
50dispenser adaptor (laboratory)
51DISPENSER attachment (laboratory)
52dispenser, manual, fixed (laboratory)
53dispenser, manual, variable (laboratory)
54Distillation (lab., parts)
55Double sleeve (stand, lab)
56Douple spatula (lab)
57Dropping bottle (lab)
58Dry nutrient (lab)
  - E -
59Ear protection plug
60Electro chemical app. (other, lab.)
61Electrode (acc., lab.)
62Electrophoresis (reagents,lab)
63Enclosed safety glasses
64Erlenmeyer flask (lab)
65Evaporating vessel (lab)
66Extractor (lab)
  - F -
67Face protective mask
68Filter (lab)
69Filter attachment (lab)
70filter paper (laboratory)
71Fine dust mask
73Five-finger gloves
74Flask (lab)
75flat-sided bottle (laboratory)
76Flight mask (resp. protect.)
77Flow inducer (acc., lab.)
78Flow inducer pump
79flow spoiler flask
80Flowmeter (special system)
81Flowmeter (susp. sphere)
82Forceps (lab)
  - G -
83Gas cleaning, dedusting plant
84Gear pump
85Glass funnel (lab)
86Glass syringe (lab)
87Glasses (eye protection, parts)
88graduated syringe pipette (laboratory)
89Ground glass thermometer (lab)
  - H -
90Hanging thermostat (lab)
91Heating hood (lab.)
92Heating plate (lab.)
93Heating, drying (lab.)
94High breast bottle (lab)
95hose connector (laboratory)
96hose, hose connector (laboratory)
  - I -
97Incidentals, accessories (lab)
98Incubator (lab)
99Information sign (sticker)
100Infrared burner
101Instrument dish (lab)
  - L -
102Lab. Agitator, electric (lab)
103Lab. Agitator, pneumatic (lab)
104Lab. safety glasses
105Laboratory apparatus (other)
106laboratory autoclave, benchtop model (accessories, laboratory)
107Laboratory furniture
108Laboratory material, Labatory technology
109laboratory supplies (other)
110lid (flat ground, laboratory)
  - M -
111magnetic bar remover
112Magnetic stirrer
113Magnetic stirrer, multi stirrer (lab)
114Magnetic stirrer, single stirrer (lab)
115Mandatory sign (sticker)
116Measuring cylinder (lab)
117Measuring gauge (pressure)
118measuring pipette (laboratory)
119Melting point app. (acc., lab.)
120Membrane filter (lab)
121Micro burette (lab)
122Micro spatula (lab)
123Microbiol. (bas.chem., nutrient,lab)
124Microbiology (fast tests,lab)
125Microbiology (prod.,other,lab)
126Microcentrifuge (acc., lab)
127Microcentrifuge, cooled (acc., lab)
128Microscope (parts, lab)
129Microscopy (embedding medium, lab)
130Microsyringe (lab)
131Mill (parts, lab.)
132Min-max thermometer (lab)
133Mixing cylinder (lab)
134moisture analyzer (accessories, lab)
135Muffle furnace (lab)
136multiple-gas detector
  - N -
137Narrow-mouth bottle (lab)
138Needle, hollow (lab)
139Nutsch filter (lab)
  - O -
140Originality lid (parts,lab)
141other consumable material (laboratory)
142other dispenser accessories (laboratory)
143other glass burette (laboratory)
144other pipette (laboratory)
145other pipettor accessories (laboratory)
146Oxygen meter (acc., lab.)
  - P -
147Paint beaker (lab)
148Pasteur-pipette (laboratory)
149PCR apparatus (acc., lab.)
150Pellet titration burette (laboratory)
151Petri dish (lab)
152pH meter (acc., lab.)
153pH-electrode (PAT)
154Photometer (other, lab.)
155Physical meas. instr. (other, lab)
156pipette container (laboratory)
157pipette container rack (laboratory)
158pipettor tip, universal (laboratory)
159Plastic tube (lab)
160Plug (lab)
161plug tap (laboratory)
162Polarimeter (acc., lab.)
163Poly plug (lab)
164portable battery
165Pot lid (parts,lab)
166Pot, vessel, container (other, lab)
167power pack connecting line
168precision balance (laboratory)
169Prefilter (lab)
170Prepared nutrient (lab)
171Pressure bottle (lab)
172Pumparound cooler (lab)
173Pycnometer (lab)
  - R -
174reaction vessel (laboratory)
175redox electrode (PAT)
176Refractometer (acc., lab.)
177Respiratory filter, gas filter
178Respiratory protective mask
179roll mixer
180Rotary evaporator (lab.)
182Rotor (centrifuge acc., lab)
183Round filter (lab)
  - S -
184Safety boots
185safety pipette ball (laboratory)
186Sample beaker (lab)
187Sample jar (lab)
188Schilling titration burette (laboratory)
189Scoop (lab)
190Screw lid (parts,lab)
191screw-top bottles (laboratory)
192Seal (pump, acc., lab)
193sediment cone (laboratory)
194Sensor (temperature control, lab)
195Sensor (thermometer acc., lab)
196Shaking (lab)
197Shaking water bath (lab)
198silica sand
199Silicon oxide, silicic acid, salt (lab)
200single-channel pipettors, manual, variable (laboratory)
201Skin care preparation
202Skin cleansing
203Skin protection preparation
204Snap on cap (parts,lab)
205Spatula spoon (lab)
206Spatula, spoon (lab)
207Specimen jar (lab)
208Specimen slide (lab)
209Spectrophotometer (acc., lab.)
210Spray bottle (lab)
211Spray cap (parts,lab)
212Stand (complete, lab)
213Stand (shaking, lab)
214Stand clamp (lab)
215Stand plate (lab)
216Stand ring (lab)
217Stand rod (lab)
218Stereo microscope (lab)
219Stirring rod (lab., parts)
220Stirring rod, small (lab., parts)
221Stop watch
222Straight enclosed-scale therm. (lab)
  - T -
223Table centrifuge (acc., lab)
225tap (laboratory)
226Tempering (lab.,parts)
227Test glass (lab)
228Test kits (environm. Analytics,lab)
229Test kits (lab)
230Test tube (to 2ml) (lab)
231test weight (accessories,balances,lab.)
232Thermometer.,hygrometer (acc., lab)
233Titration app. (acc., lab.)
234trough (laboratory)
235Tube furnace
236turbidity measurement (transmission) (PAT)
  - U -
237Ultrasound bath (acc., lab.)
  - V -
238Vacuum controller
239Vessel, container (lab)
240vibratory mill (laboratory)
241Viscosimeter (acc., lab.)
  - W -
242Warning sign
243Warning sign (sticker)
244Water bath (lab)
245Water treatment plant (compl.)
246Wide-mouth bottle (lab)
247Wire clamp (surf. grind, lab)
248working cap