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Gel documentation system chemiPRO-302E

Complete solution for chemiluminescence and fluorescent Western blot imaging. With highly sensitive cooled CCD Camera with high quantum efficiency, for detection of picogram level proteins. Peltier cooling allows exposure times to be increased to detect faint chemiluminescence without adding annoying background noise. Suitable for chemiluminescence Western blots, auto-rads, DNA or RNA stained with ethidium bromide, SYPRO, SYBR and SAFE dyes on agarose gels, Coomassie blue or silver stained proteins on acrylamide gels, stain-free gels and fluorescent gels. Furthermore GFP-plantimaging, colonies or plaques detection on Agar plates, bioluminescence and 2d gels. The free of charge software allows automated imaging of multicolour blots with a simple and user friendly interface.
  • Cooled, high resolution, high quantum efficiency (QE) camera
  • Motor driven lens and 7-position motor-driven filter wheel
  • Long-life white LED EPI lighting
  • CFR21 Part 11 compliant
  • With acquisition and analysis software genePIX and geneQUANT

Scope of supply:
Darkroom, camera, UV transilluminator, UV emission filter, license free acquisition and analysis software
Resolution:4 megapixels
Effective resolution:16 megapixels
Lens:Zoom, f1.2
Camera cooling:-57 °C
Sensor bit-depth:16 bit
Dynamic range:4.8
Transilluminator wavelength:302 nm
Transilluminator size:250 x 300 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H):570 x 450 x 840 mm
Weight:37 kg
Power supply:230 V/50 Hz
4.670 738

4.670 738
chemiPRO-302EProd.No.4.670 7381
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