Platform shaker Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®

Platform shaker Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®

Platform shaker Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®

Compact and powerful high-speed benchtop shakers with a choice of 3 models for various applications.
  • Model with ratcheting clamps provides the flexibility for using a mix of different size and shape vessels on one single platform
  • Model with flask clamps for accommodating various flask or beaker sizes
  • Model with adhering mat is perfectly suitable for open containers
  • Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators (Not for CO2 incubators)

Scope of supply: Shaker, platform

Please order clamps for Mini-300 Orbital-Genie with flask separately.
 TypeDescriptionPlug typePKCat. No.
Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Ratcheting ClampsEU14.670 823
 Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Ratcheting ClampsUK14.670 824
 Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Ratcheting ClampsCH14.670 825
 Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Flask ClampsEU14.670 826
 Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Flask ClampsUK14.670 827
 Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Flask ClampsCH14.670 828
Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Adhering MatEU14.670 829
 Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Adhering MatUK14.670 830
 Mini-300 Orbital-Genie®Adhering MatCH14.670 831

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