CatalogueLiquid HandlingPumpsDrum pumpsScrewthread connections for PP and PTFE drum pumps
9.001 335

9.001 335

Screwthread connections for PP and PTFE drum pumps

 TypeMaterialPKCat. No.
Screwthread connection for R2", internal steel barrel threadPP19.001 335
Drum stoppers for drum openings from 40 to 70 mmPVC19.001 336
Screwthread connection for Mauser 2", internal coarse screwthreadPP19.001 337
Screwthread connection for Tri-Sure®, internal coarse screwthreadPP19.001 338
Screwthread connection R2" with counternut, for drum openings of 60mm diam.PP19.001 347

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