Reverse osmosis systems, Ultra Clear™ RO EDI

The well-proven Ultra Clear™ RO range has been enhanced to peak water quality level in the plus series by adding electronic deionisation cells: accessory deionisers for removing inorganic materials from the output are therefore no longer required.
Technical parameters:
  • Resistance up to 17 megohm (0.07µS/cm)
  • TOC < 5 to 20ppb at RO cell output
  • Typical pure water quality < 0.07µS/cm
In all Ultra Clear™ RO systems the quality of the feed and output water will be shown on the display.

  • pure water treatment for simple analysis, laboratory rinsing machines, autoclaves, up to ultrapure water systems
  • germ / pyrogen retention rate >99%
  • complete, connection-ready system; fittings allow supply tanks to be expanded if required (e.g. Ultra Clear™ RO supply tanks with 30, 60 and 80 litre capacities, larger tanks are available on request)
  • menu-driven controller, RS232 interface
  • Entrance- and Product water quality will be shown on the display.
Rating:200 / 300W
Dimensions (W x D x H):340 x 420 x 520mm
Colloidal index (SDI):< 3
Supply water pressure:2 to 6 bar
(0.1 to 5 bar Ultra Clear™ RO EDI 10)
Input conductivity:< 1400 µS/cm
Reverse osmosis systems, Ultra Clear™ RO EDI

Reverse osmosis systems, Ultra Clear™ RO EDI
 TypePure water
at 15 °C
l / hr
 Ultra Clear™ RO EDI 10Prod.No.6.267 64110311
 Ultra Clear™ RO EDI 20Prod.No.4.667 95620321
 Ultra Clear™ RO EDI 30Prod.No.4.667 95930351
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