Eyewash Bottle Kit, AquaNit®

AQUA NIT® Eye Instant Rinse - Sterile Water. Ready to use, 250 ml sterile water for immediate eye rinsing at the scene of the accident. For all accident-prone jobs, in the workshop, in the factory, on construction sites and in the laboratory, for all dirt, dust and overhead work. Pressure jet can be dosed, foreign bodies can be flushed out gently. Contains 4 ready-to-use Aqua NIT® eye wash bottles and additional material for the initial treatment of eye injuries.

  • Box with wall mounting (L x B x H) 260 x 160 x 80 mm
  • 4 x 250 ml SÖHNGEN Aqua NIT® eye wash
  • 2 x ALUDERM eye compress DuOcul
  • 1 eye patch
  • Silk plaster strips
  • DERMOTEKT compress
  • 1 pair of disposable waterproof gloves
Nominal capacity:250 ml
Eyewash Bottle Kit, AquaNit®

Eyewash Bottle Kit, AquaNit®
Aqua NIT®Prod.No.9.733 774Eye wash kit1
Replacement bottle for Aqua NIT® eye wash box, sterile waterW. Söhngen GmbH
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