6.264 531

6.264 531

Circulator baths RC 2 basic / RC 2 control

The RC recirculating chillers are designed to cool external equipment quickly and efficiently. The chillers offer short cooling times at a temperature stability of ±0.05 K for the control versions (±0.1 K for the basic versions) and a working temperature range of -20 °C to room temperature. The RC 2 recirculating chillers are ideal for cooling external equipment such as laboratory reactors, calorimeters, incubating shakers or rotary evaporators. The RC 2 control with wireless controller (WiCo) makes the device easy to operate remotely, enabling users to save space through the option of placing the chiller in a hard-to-reach area of the laboratory. Critical temperature control processes can be monitored and recorded, guaranteeing complete documentation of all measurement processes.
RC 2 control additionally with connection for external PT100 sensor (included in delivery).
 TypePKCat. No.
 RC 2 basic16.264 531
 RC 2 control16.264 532

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