CatalogueLife SciencesGenomicsPCR12/40/168-well PCR Rack, PP
12/40/168-well PCR Rack, PP

12/40/168-well PCR Rack, PP

12/40/168-well PCR Rack, PP

Removable hinged lid fits both sides. Flip this polypropylene reversible rack to the size of tubes you need. PCR side of the rack has 168 wells that hold 0.2ml tubes. The wells accommodate 8- or 12-tube strips or individual tubes. The opposite side of the rack has 40 wells that hold 0.5ml tubes. Both sides of the rack have 12 wells for 1.5ml tubes. Dimensions (L x W x H): 206 x 131 x 54mm. Autoclavable.
ColourPKCat. No.
0.2blue, green, purple, yellow, orange59.409 660

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