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Micro test tubes and racks, PP, 1.2 ml

Micro test tubes and racks, PP, 1.2 ml

Micro test tubes and racks, PP, 1.2 ml

Suitable for biological examination, e.g. PCR, cell uptake studies, RIA, EIA, etc. Functional design for storing, freezing and transporting reagents and samples. Compatible with standard microtitre plates and suitable for work with multi-channel pipettes.
  • 8 x 12 configuration
  • Alphanumeric identification system
  • Tubes and rack are autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), according to DIN EN 285
  • Tube dimensions: 8.8 mm external Ø, height 45 mm
  • Suitable for storage up to -80°C
  • Test tube capacity 1.2 ml (1.1 ml when capped )
  • Individual tube or 8-tube strips available
  • With PE cap (not autoclavable)
 TypePKCat. No.
Rack with 96 single test tubes, non-sterile, PP109.407 605
 Rack with 12 x 8-tube strips, non-sterile, PP109.407 606
 Test tubes, single, non-sterile, loose, PP9609.407 607
 8-tube strips, non-sterile, loose, PP1209.407 608
 Lid, single, non-sterile, loose, PE9609.407 609
 8-cap strip, non-sterile, loose, PE1209.407 610
 Rack with grid, non-sterile (empty), PP109.407 611

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