Ultrasonic bath

Branson Model B-200 tabletop ultrasonic cleaner has the ability to handle a wide variety of applications. This cleaner uses ultrasonic energy (40 kHz) in the form of sound waves to create millions of tiny microscopic vacuum cavities in the solution. As these cavities collapse,
they release high frequency energy, loosening dirt on all surfaces that the solution touches. This activity, called cavitation, occurs thousands of times per second to gently yet thoroughly scrub contamination off the article being cleaned. Typical applications include laboratory
glassware, instrument parts, small geological samples, metal and plastic machined parts, small electrical/electronic components, recorder and drafting pens, optical components and jewellery. With automatic timer, complete with lid and basket. Electrical supply 230V, 50-60kHz.
Width of the interior155 mm
Depth of the interior90 mm
Height of the interior55 mm
of the bath
PKCat. No.
 Supersonic bath 2000.519.876 200

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