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Single channel microliter pipettes LLG-proMLP

Single channel microliter pipettes LLG-proMLP

Single channel microliter pipettes LLG-proMLP

The LLG-proMLP single channel microliter pipettes combine high accuracy and reliability with ergonomic and extremely low force pipetting relieving stress from your hand and thumb. This high precision instrument has been built to maintain accuracy for many years making it the ideal choice for all scientific work requiring exact and reproducible pipetting.
The LLG-proMLP pipettes are equipped with an adjustable eject button allowing right and left handed users to set the button* according to their preferences. The built in volume locking mechanism and competitive pricing complete these high quality precision pipettes. Available volume ranges from 0.2 µl to 10 ml.
  • High quality Made in France
  • High accuracy, reliability and reproducibility
  • Extremely light weight while the robustness still remains
  • Perfect ergonomics for highest comfort
  • Colour-coded push-button for quick operation
  • Extremely low pipetting forces
  • Built-in volume locking for error-free results
  • Tip ejector button*, adjustable for right- and left-handed users
  • Completely autoclavable at 121°C
  • Including individual calibration certificate (according to EN ISO 8655)

* not available for 5 ml and 10 ml pipettes

Scope of supply: microliter pipette, calibration tool
max. vol.
(± R%)
max. vol.
(≤ CV%)
Colour codePKCat. No.
 0.2-20.0021.650.75dark orange16.270 420
 0.5- 421
 2- yellow16.270 422
 10-1000.20.800.17light orange16.270 423
 20-2000.20.800.17dark yellow16.270 424
 100-100020.800.17dark blue16.270 425
 500-500020.660.18purple16.270 426
 1000-10000200.600.18light blue16.270 427

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