Titrators TitroLine 7750®

Titrators TitroLine 7750®

Titrators TitroLine 7750®

Titroline® 7750 is the all-rounder for both potentiometric titration and volumetric KF titration. The TitroLine® 7750 combines the features of the potentiometric titrator TitroLine® 7000 and the volumetric Karl Fischer titrator TitroLine® 7500.

The new TitroLine® 7750 is characterized as follows:
  • Highly visible full color display, that can be easily viewed from a distance and extreme angles
  • With new interchangeable modules which all relevant reagent and unit data can be stored
  • Thanks to the 2 x USB-host, 1 x USB-PC and 2 x RS232 ports, very communicable. Connect for example, USB keyboard, USB printer, barcode reader, USB flash drives, balances, PC und further SI Analytics devices such as piston burettes and sample changers
  • Storage of results via USB and LAN port (PDF and CSV -format) including method transfer
  • With standard methods for potentiometric and KF titration

Supplied with:
TL 7750:
Basic unit without magnetic stirrer, with stand rod TZ 1510, titration clamp Z 305, keyboard TZ 3835 and power supply 100-240 V
TL 7750-M1: as TL 7750, additionally with magnetic stirrer TM 235
TL 7750-TitriSoft: as TL 7750-M1, additionally with TitriSoft 3.0 (TZ 3071)
TL 7750 KF 05: Titrator unit, exchange unit WA 05, TM 235 KF titration stand with integrated stirrer and pump, titration vessel TZ 1770, micro double platinum electrode KF 1100 and starter kit, power supply 100-240 V
TL 7750 KF 10: as TL 7750 KF 05, only with exchange unit WA 10
TL 7750 KF 20: as TL 7750 KF 05, only with exchange unit WA 20
 TypePKCat. No.
 TL 775019.863 176
 TL 7750-M116.258 235
 TL 7750-TitriSoft19.863 177
 TL7750 KF 0519.863 178
 TL7750 KF 1017.981 381
 TL7750 KF 2019.863 179

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