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4.669 248

4.669 248

Chemistry Pumping Unit PC 3001 VARIO® select with condenser Peltronic®

The PC 3001 VARIO® select pumping unit precisely controls the vacuum level in order to achieve unparalleled process control. This pump is suitable for even high boiling point solvents. The integrated VACUU·SELECT controller provides an easy-to-use, application based interface that covers all common lab applications. The pump's variable motor speed responds to demand, reducing energy waste and mechanical wear, ensuring unrivalled service life for the diaphragms.
  • For solvent evaporation, the controller detects solvent boiling and automatically adjusts the pump's motor speed to maintain process control
  • User-defined applications with simple drag-and-drop editing.
  • Small footprint and low weight for flexible use in the laboratory
  • The inlet separator, made of glass with a robust protective coating, prevents particles and liquid droplets from entering the pump
  • The included emission condenser Peltronic® works without any cooling media like water or dry ice.

Scope of supply: Chemistry pumping unit PC 3001 VARIO® select completely mounted with conderser Peltronic®, ready for use, with manual.

Without mains cable, please order separately.
L / min.
(W x D x H)
Cat. No.
PC 3001 VARIO® select EKP33.33211.8300 x 370 x 40014.669 248

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