Wire gauzes

Plain, stainless steel wire with flanged edges. Mesh: 0.6mm x 2.0mm. Sizes as outlined below.
Wire gauzes

Wire gauzes
115 x 115 mmProd.No.9.150 7171
 135 x 135 mmProd.No.9.150 7181
 155 x 155 mmProd.No.9.150 7191
 175 x 175 mmProd.No.9.150 7201
 195 x 195 mmProd.No.9.150 7211
Suitable for:
Square Quadrupod, nickel chromium steelDWK Life Sciences GmbH (Duran)
Tripod standISOLAB Laborgeräte GmbH
Tripod stand, with adjustable heightISOLAB Laborgeräte GmbH
Alternate products:
Glass ceramic laboratory protection plateDWK Life Sciences GmbH (Duran)
TriangleCarl Friedrich Usbeck KG

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