Tube Rack, PP

Tube Rack, PP

Tube Rack, PP

Stackable racks with alphanumerical positions. Operating temperature -20 °C to +90 °C. Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285. Density 1.2 g/cm³. Will not float in water bath. Racks are supplied in two-pieces (Ø 11 mm, for micro tubes) or three-pieces (Ø 13 mm for cryogenic tubes) for convenient and permanent assembly.
Dimensions (l x w x h): 265mm x 126mm x 38mm.
 For tubes
ColourArrayPKCat. No.
11White8 x 1619.409 308
 11Blue8 x 1619.409 309
 11Red8 x 1619.409 312
 13White6 x 1419.409 314
 13Blue6 x 1419.409 316
 13Red6 x 1419.409 321

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