Flat bottom flasks with conical ground joint, DURAN®

According to DIN EN ISO 4797 and in addition to DIN standard, with inscription label.
Standard:DIN EN ISO 4797
9.011 985

9.011 985
 Nominal capacity
Ground sizePK
 50Prod.No.7.019 166NS19/261
 50Prod.No.9.011 982NS29/321
 100Prod.No.7.019 167NS19/261
 100Prod.No.9.011 983NS29/321
 250Prod.No.7.019 168NS19/261
 250Prod.No.9.011 984NS29/321
 500Prod.No.6.227 431NS19/261
500Prod.No.9.011 985NS29/321
 1000Prod.No.9.011 986NS29/321
 2000Prod.No.9.011 987NS29/321
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