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Incubator 1000, Suitable for Heidolph Shakers

Modular system for shaking, mixing and heating with visual reaction control.Compatible shakers are Duomax 1030, Polymax 1040, Titramax 1000, Unimax 1010 and Promax 1020.
  • Heating module with a heating capacity of 300 W allows for quick and gentle temperature adjustments up to 65°C
  • Digital temperature setting of target temperature of 65 °C and separate display for actual temperature (accuracy of ±2°C up to 50°C and ±4°C over 50°C)
  • Low noise blower allows for quick and even temperature distribution throughout the entire enclosure
  • One incubation system can be used for several shakers, fast conversion possible
  • To protect samples from thermal damages this unit features a safety circuit to prevent overheating
  • Unlimited visual reaction control due to transparent and non-fogging PETG hoods
  • 3 hoods options available: A flat hood for small vessels and mictrotiter plates, a high hood for all common medium sized vessels and a high hood XL for larger Erlenmeyer flasks up to 2000 ml
  • The incubator hoods open instantly and interlock in any position

Please order hoods separately.
9.839 875

9.839 875
Incubator 1000, heating moduleProd.No.9.839 8751
Hoods for Inkubator 1000Heidolph Instruments
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