Distilling heads, DURAN® tubing

Made of DURAN® tubing. Acc. to DIN 12594 and in addition to DIN standard, with one NS 14/23 socket and two NS cones (descending angle: 75°), for distillation thermometers of 55 mm built-in length.
Socket[s] straight:NS14/23
Angle:75 °
Standard:DIN 12594
9.012 173

9.012 173
 Cone[s] straightCone[s] obliquePK
 NS14/23Prod.No.6.058 154NS14/231
 NS19/26Prod.No.7.613 890NS19/261
 NS24/29Prod.No.6.243 044NS19/261
 NS24/29Prod.No.6.205 299NS24/291
NS29/32Prod.No.9.012 173NS29/321
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