Adapters with NS stopcock, DURAN® tubing

Made of DURAN® tubing. Adapter, NS cone to 10mm bore tubing connector. Straight or angled (90°). Available with or without solid glass plug, bore 2,5 mm.
9.012 319

9.012 319
 NS14/23Prod.No.9.012 31631
 NS14/23Prod.No.9.012 31231
 NS14/23Prod.No.9.012 31531
 NS14/23Prod.No.9.012 31131
 NS19/26Prod.No.6.800 44931
 NS19/26Prod.No.6.202 38031
 NS19/26Prod.No.6.200 64631
NS19/26Prod.No.6.082 85431
 NS24/29Prod.No.6.900 73531
 NS24/29Prod.No.6.080 93231
 NS24/29Prod.No.6.204 70431
 NS24/29Prod.No.6.700 89031
 NS29/32Prod.No.9.012 31931
 NS29/32Prod.No.9.012 31431
 NS29/32Prod.No.9.012 31731
 NS29/32Prod.No.9.012 31331
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