Mini-Centrifuge mySPIN™

Mini-Centrifuge mySPIN™

Mini-Centrifuge mySPIN™

Bring increased efficiency and user comfort to your lab with Thermo Scientific™ mySPIN™ 12 and 6 mini centrifuges. Tool-free rotors and quick-spin options make them fast and easy to use. Benefit from a compact footprint that fits into your workstation and ergnonomic design that stands out. Ideal for microfilter cell separation and HPLC protocols, with the mySPIN™ 12 centrifuge also supporting PCR, as well as clinical and diagnostic applications.
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy operation
  • Quiet operation, low vibration
  • Tool-free, quick rotor exchange
  • Quick-spin feature

mySPIN™ 12 mini centrifuge also features:
  • Imbalance and tilt safety cut-out
  • Safety interlock lid designed to prevent opening while rotor is turning
  • Ability to perform fast spins with higher RCF requirements
  • Back-lit, customizable display that can be set for rpm or RCF

mySPIN™ 6 mini centrifuge also offers:
  • Safety features: unit will not operate without lid in place
  • Palm-shaped lid for left- or right-handed users
  • Quick tube extraction

Scope of supply:
mySPIN™ 12: 12 x 1.5/2.0ml tube rotor, 32 x 0.2ml tube rotor (singles or 4 x 8 strip), 12 tube adapters 0.2ml, 12 tube adapters 0.5ml, universal power adapter, with 4 interchangeable plug type
mySPIN™ 6: 6 x 1.5/2.0ml tube rotor, 16 x 0.2ml tube rotor (singles or 2 x 8 strip), 6 tube adapters 0.2ml, 6 tube adapters 0.5ml, storage case for rotors and adapters, tube rack, universal power adapter 110-240V 50/60 Hz, with 4 interchangeable plug type
 TypePKCat. No.
 mySPIN" 1216.267 683
 mySPIN" 616.267 684

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