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Disposable Gloves, SEMPERCARE® Nitrile, sterile

Disposable Gloves, SEMPERCARE® Nitrile, sterile
EN ISO 374-1
Type B
EN 374_1
EN ISO 374-5
EN 374_3
EN 420
EN 420


Disposable Gloves, SEMPERCARE® Nitrile, sterile

The tried and tested safety of a nitrile glove - combined with wearing properties similar to latex - make the Sempercare® Nitrile the new generation for an optimum glove solution without natural latex.
  • The higher puncture resistance and improved chemical resistance of nitrile - with the same thickness as natural latex - offer the user protection and the feeling of safety.
  • The soft material increases wearing comfort and makes it comfortable and safe to work with, even for longer periods.
  • The glove is powder free and does not contain any natural latex proteins. This makes it perfect for users with type I allergies who do not want to miss the greater comfort of elastic natural latex.
  • Structured finger tips guarantee a good grip, even in moist conditions.
  • Thickness 0,14 mm
  • AQL 1,5
  • 50 pairs in dispenser carton, gloves with turned up cuff in fibre-free internal pouch, sealed in medical peel pack in transport carton
  • Cat. III Low Chemical resistant.

According to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B, EN ISO 374-5:2016, EN 420 Suitable for food handling.
PKCat. No.
 S240506.267 129
 M240506.267 130
 L240506.267 131

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