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Storage Tubes Matrix™ with 2D barcode, up to -20 °C

Storage Tubes Matrix™ with 2D barcode, up to -20 °C

Storage Tubes Matrix™ with 2D barcode, up to -20 °C

Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Storage Tubes allow robust storage and tracking of sample volumes ranging from 0.2 ml to 1.4 ml in 96-format. Tubes are molded from medical grade resins and the proprietary barcoding process produces a permanent, high contrast 2D barcode, offering maximum reliability and traceability of compound, biological, and genomic samples.

Secure Tracking
  • A permanently-bonded, unique 2D barcode is laser-etched onto the base of every Matrix 2D barcoded storage tube
  • A range of VisionMate 2D barcode readers is available to meet your application and throughput needs
  • Once sample data is stored, just scan the tube using the database Find feature to instantly access sample information and identify the contents of each storage tube

Superior Storage Rack Design
  • Unlike traditional storage tubes or blocks, Matrix 96-format 2D barcoded storage tubes are available in proprietary, stackable, microplate footprint Latch Racks to save precious space in your freezer, refrigerator, compound store or on the bench top
  • The latch rack design enables manual multichannel pipette access to 2D tubes and eliminates contamination risk with lid design that does not contact the benchtop
  • The latch rack lid can be lifted robotically for 2D tube access with automated equipment and high-throughput applications

Stringent Quality Control
  • Every 2D barcoded storage tube is scanned to guarantee readability and each code is checked against a full database of all previously assigned 2D codes to ensure zero duplicates across the entire line of Matrix 2D barcoded storage tubes
  • Every storage tube is leak tested to ensure the integrity and security of samples
Storage tracking solutions for any laboratory.
Available with a range of sealing options including solid and pre-slit Duraseals and Sepraseals to meet your individual storage requirements.
PKCat. No.
 1.40With human readable code-1 bag of 100010004.658 280
 1.40With human readable code-10 racks of 969604.658 281
 1.40With human readable code+10 racks of 969604.658 313
 0.75With DuraSeal septum inserted-10 racks of 969604.658 283
 0.75 -1 bag of 100010004.658 314
 0.75 -10 racks of 969604.658 315
 0.75 +10 racks of 969604.658 284
 0.50 -10 racks of 969604.658 285
 0.50 +10 racks of 969604.658 286
 0.50With DuraSeal septum inserted-10 racks of 969604.658 287
 0.50With DuraSeal septum inserted+10 racks of 969604.658 288
 0.50 -1 bag of 9609604.658 295
 1.40 -1 bag of 100010004.658 296
 1.40 -10 racks of 969604.658 297
 1.40 +10 racks of 969604.658 298
 1.40With DuraSeal septum inserted-10 racks of 969604.658 299
 0.50 -10 racks of 969604.658 282

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