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Cryogenic storage tanks, LO 2000 series with drawers

The LO 2000 series is specially developed for the storing of 4000(*), 8000(*) and 10400(*) cryo vials (*in liquid phase) (max. 2ml vials, 5ml vials on request) in cryo boxes. The large opening of 410mm (LO 2075) or 590mm gives easy access to the samples. The lightweight aluminium design and low space requirements of these containers make them the most economical units in their class. Supplied with drawer fastener.
  • large neck openings
  • easy access to stored samples
  • long Nitrogen retention times
  • inclusive castors for easy handling
  • 2 Year warranty

The storage tanks LO 2000 series are also available for gas phase and dry storage (please see detailed image).

Accessories available on request: cryo boxes, liquid level measuring rod, low filling level alarm, electronic filling level regulation and storage inserts for dry storage.
(Ø x H)
No. of
No. of
PKCat. No.
 LO 2250 M218680 x 1380104001219.524 502
 LO 2250 MDS*218680 x 1380**104001216.237 664
*with S170 electronics
**Height without electronics
MDS = for dry storage.

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