pH meter PHT 830

pH meter PHT 830

pH meter PHT 830

The pH/Redox/ISE portable meter is used to determine the pH, the redox potential and the temperature. It combines the advantages of mobile field work with the precision and the comfort of a laboratory meter.
The PHT 830 has an automatic temperature compensation for the pH measuring as well as an adjustable reference temperature with measurements without temperature sensor. For calibration a manual or automatic two point calibration routine can be used.

PHT 830 Set 1 incl. plastic electrode AT 830 K and 1.50 m cable, suited for universel applications in laboratories and field.
PHT 830 Set 2 incl. glass electrode AT 830 G and 1.00m cable, suited for applications in laboratories.
PHT 830 Set 3 incl. penetration electrode AT 830 E and 1.00 m cable, suited for applications in food industries.

All electrodes are equipped with an integrated temperature sensor Pt 1000, allowing parallel measurement of pH value and temperature.

Scope of delivery: pH meter incl. electrode as indicated, 1x buffer solutions pH 4.006, pH 6.865, pH 9.180 each, KCl solution, case
 TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
 PHT 830 Set 1Incl. plastic electrode AT 830 K16.268 941
 PHT 830 Set 2Incl. glass electrode AT 830 G16.268 942
 PHT 830 Set 3Incl. penetration electrode AT 830 E16.268 943
 AT 830 KpH plastic electrode for PHT 83016.268 944
 AT 830 GpH glass electrode for PHT 83016.268 945
 AT 830 EpH penetration electrode for PHT 83016.268 946

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