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Bath liquids for thermostatic baths

Bath liquids.
Use of the appropriate liquids for heat transfer listed here offers many advantages:
  • Safe to use, non toxic, and generally odourless formulations
  • Resistance to ageing and viscosity changes with low susceptibility to corrosion.

Silicone oils (SIL).
Non-flammable, with long operational life.

Synthetic heat transfer fluids (Synth).
Usually formulated from a hydrocarbon base with low viscosity within the recommended working temperature range.

For optimal temperature stability the bath fluid must be of low viscosity.

Fire point.
Fluids can spontaneously ignite above a certain temperature. EN 61010 stipulates that the maximum working temperature of the liquid should be 25 °C below its' fire point.

Heating up range.
Prolonged use is not permitted as the self-heating effect within these liquids may cause the overtemperature protection system of the pump unit to operate and shut down the pump.

Operating temperature range.
Thermostats may only be operated for an extended time in this range under certain conditions. Viscosity must not exceed 30 mPas. Otherwise pumps will not achieve their stated performance figures.

Working temperature range.
The long-term use range for peak thermostatic bath performance. Maximum viscosity level is approx. 5 mPas.
PKCat. No.
 SIL 1005-75 ... 7519.853 701
 SIL 10010-75 ... 7519.853 702
 SIL 1805-40 ... 20019.853 703
 SIL 18010-40 ... 20019.853 704
 SIL 300580 ... 30019.853 705
 SIL 3001080 ... 30019.853 706
 Synth 605-50 ...4519.853 709
 Synth 6010-50 ...4519.853 710
 Synth 260540 ... 25019.853 713
 Synth 2601040 ... 25019.853 712
 Synth 200520 ... 21019.853 074
 Synth 2001020 ... 21019.853 073

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