Piston pump LLG-uniVACUUPUMP 1

Piston pump LLG-uniVACUUPUMP 1

Piston pump LLG-uniVACUUPUMP 1

The portable piston pump LLG-uniVACUUPUMP 1 has been developed for vacuum and pressure applications in the laboratory, in particular in the field of Life Science. Typical applications for this low-cost vacuum pump are the single funnel filtration of aqueous and buffered solutions, SPE, as well as any applications where no harmful gases are conveyed. The LLG-uniVACUUPUMP 1 operates oil-free and can also be used as a compressor to a pressure up to 3.3 bar. This allows you, for example, pressure filtration, if vacuum filtration is not sufficient.
Not recommended for pumping organic, acidic, or basic vapours.

  • Dry-running technology for physical applications
  • Can be used as a vacuum pump and compressor
  • Cost-effective alternative for water pumps
  • Sound suppressor for quiet operation
  • Compact, light weight and portable
  • Oil-free, suitable for continuous operation
  • Suction/pressure connection: hose nozzle DN 6 for hose inner diameter 6 mm

Scope of supply: Pump, incl. 2 hose clamps, EU + UK-plug power cord.
 TypePKCat. No.
 LLG-uniVACUUPUMP 116.263 580

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