Ideal-tek S.A. 

Liquid Dispenser, ESD

Ideal for a wide range of applications in chemistry and medical laboratories.
Made of antistatic HDPE with PTFE tube inside, for a great chemical resistance, ESD-safe.
With hinged lid. Just touch the dispensing dish with a brush, cloth or other applicator and solvent is brought
to the surface the instant it is needed. Stainless steel valves seal contents in bottle until used, preventing spills, dripping and
escaping fumes from endangering the user. Fluid pumped into the dish does not drip back into the bottle, keeping
stored liquids uncontaminated.
DescriptionPKCat. No.
 120Fluid dispenser14.666 353
 120Anti-splash fluid dispenser14.666 354
 180Anti-splash fluid dispenser16.272 060

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