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Cleanroom Gloves AdvanTech529, nitrile

Cleanroom Gloves AdvanTech529, nitrile
EN ISO 374-1
Type B
EN 374_1
EN ISO 374-5
EN 374_3
EN 421
EN 421

Cleanroom Gloves AdvanTech529, nitrile

Reinforced mechanical resistance for short-term operations. Manufacturing process guarantees a very low level of contaminants: rates of particles, powder-free, non-volatile residue, extractables; compatible with ISO 5 class (Class M3.5 for International system). 100% nitrile formula enables anti-static properties. Protection against accidental chemical splashes. Recommended for people who are sensitive to the proteins in natural latex. Thickness: 0.1 mm. Packaging: 100 gloves/bag
  • Cat. III
According to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B, EN ISO 374-5:2016, EN 421
PKCat. No.
 63001006.270 501
 73001006.270 502
 83001006.270 503
 93001006.270 504
 103001006.270 505

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