Adhesive tape dispenser Write-On™

  • For one roll Write-On™ adhesive tape
  • With epoxy-coated steel writing platform
  • Weighted base with non-skid pads prevents sliding or lifting
  • 76 mm core fits standard tape rolls up to 25 mm wide and accepts tape rolls having a maximum diameter of 133 mm
  • Accepts 36.6 m as well as 54.9 m rolls
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 213 x 87 x 95 mm
  • Dimensions of writing platform 102 x 152 mm
Adhesive tape dispenser Write-On™

Adhesive tape dispenser Write-On™
 213 x 87 x 95 mmProd.No.9.040 3881
Suitable for:
Adhesive label tape Write-on™, writableBel-Art Products
Alternate products:
Adhesive tape for label protection, PESBel-Art Products
Adhesive Labels, whiteHERMA GmbH

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