Bottle-top dispenser opus®

Bottle-top dispenser opus®

Bottle-top dispenser opus®

opus® dispenser for motor-powered dispensing directly from the reagent bottle. In conjunction with the "dispenser" touch screen containing the complete electronic control, it represents an extremely sensitive precision dispensing instrument that guarantees excellent degrees of accuracy (e.g. during serial dispensing). With USB interface for linking to a PC.

Outstanding features:
  • Simple menu-guided user instructions with tab cards on an external coloured TFT touch screen. Screen legibility is also guaranteed in even strong daylight
  • Versatile application options, thanks to superior quality materials (ECTFE, DURAN glass, FEP); media-conveying components are suitable for steam sterilisation (121°C)
  • Configuration of up to 9999 dispensing repetitions possible, intervals of up to 9999 seconds can be selected between individual dispensing operations
  • Stepper function: Dispensing of several volume dosages (differing volumes possible) from a single cylinder charge (10ml, 20ml or 50ml)
  • Individual problem-free calibration options
  • Individual adaptation options, e.g. language selection (DE, UK, FR, ES), specification of charging and dispensing velocity in ml/sec (option for coordination with medium viscosity)
  • Method memory, capacity for up to 9 different settings (e.g. volume, velocity, cycle duration, etc.).
  • Accessories: pedal switch for triggering dispensing, USB interface connection cable 750, 2000 or 5000mm long touch screen connection cable, special lengths available, silicone system platform with bottle holder, batteries available for selective battery operation
  • Discharge valves and valve seats consisting of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic
  • Saving of last setting ensures speedy further processing when the instrument is reactivated
  • Declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600
  • Quality assurance in compliance with DIN EN ISO 8655
  • Power supply 100-240V, with EU, UK, US plug

Supplied with: opus® dispenser, complete with thread A 45 mm, 3 adapters (A 32, A 38 and S 40 Merck bottles), 1 screw coupled suction tube, 1 dispensing discharge unit and 1 power supply, 1 brown light protection window, touch screen module "dispenser", Data Power Cable 0,75 m, instruction manual, single calibration report.
max. vol.
(± R%)
max. vol.
(d CV%)
PKCat. No.
Volumen 10 ml0.60.219.287 874
Volumen 20 ml0.60.219.287 872
Volumen 50 ml0.60.219.287 873

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