EcoVac safety suction systems

EcoVac safety suction systems

EcoVac safety suction systems

For safe and comfortable removal of liquid excess. EcoVac increases the safety standard, when working with infectious material. Completely autoclavable. Screw-cap of safety bottle incl. 2 self-locking fittings. When tubing is removed, they close automatically and the bottle will be sealed hermetically. Safety bottle made of impact and chemical-resistant polypropylene, with screw-cap incl. 2 self-locking fittings, ventilation system, safety filter and 5m of silicone tubing.
EcoVac vacuum pump (optional):
Quiet with low vibration. Throughput 4L/min., 300mbar ult. vacuum,
with illuminated on/off switch and 1m connecting cable.
Overall dimensions: 80mm x 60mm x 160mm (W x H x D). 230V 50/60Hz.
Foot-switch (optional): For short-time repeated use of EcoVac.
Replacement covers and other spare parts on request.

Supplied with: EcoVac system (1,2,4 or 5), safety bottle (breakproof and chemically stable) with screw cap and 2 self- locking fittings, silicone tubing 2 x 1.5m (autoclavable), safety filter, 2 angled fittings for tubing connection, 1 aeration insert
 TypeFootnote reference markCapacity
PKCat. No.
 EcoVac 1 System 116.287 611
 EcoVac 2 System 219.777 000
 EcoVac 4 System 419.777 001
 EcoVac 5 System 516.287 612
 Spare bottle 1 incl. Screw-cap with 2 self-locking fittings*116.287 613
 Spare bottle 2 incl. Screw-cap with 2 self-locking fittings*219.777 007
 Spare bottle 4 incl. Screw-cap with 2 self-locking fittings*419.777 010
 Spare bottle 5 incl. Screw-cap with 2 self-locking fittings*516.287 614
 Vacuum pump, incl. 1m cable  19.777 005
 Foot switch  19.777 008
 Safety filter 0.2 μm pore size, Ø 62 mm  29.777 009
 EcoVac glass-pasteur-pipette 150 mm length  10006.261 016
 EcoVac glass-pasteur-pipette 230 mm length  10006.266 015
* without angled fittings, please order separately

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